Sign Petition: Babu Owino to be Charged with ATTEMPTED MURDER According to section 220(a) Kenyan Penal Code


Dj Evolve / Felix Oringa was shot in the neck twice by Babu Owino, an MP of Embakassi East. So far, his hospital bill stands at KES 10 million and he has recovery costs (physiotherapy, nurses/caregivers/ loss of wages, etc.) are incurring. This petition is a plea to the justice system in Kenya to serve its people WITHOUT PREJUDICE, CORRUPTION, or CLASSISM.  Therefore;  – Babu Owino should be charged with ATTEMPTED MURDER according to section 220(a) of the Kenyan Penal Code to the full extent of the law. – Babu…

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After BBI Prepare To Take One Meal; Why They Must Change The Constitution Before 2022


√ Kenyatta family is sure even if they bank in Raila, he won’t beat Ruto 2022. √ The system (cartels) that started controlling the state since the mzee Kenyatta regime, is the same controlling even now ~ They fear Ruto will come inn with the new system. √ Kenyatta family fears that the new system, will enforce the implementation of Ndungu’s report ,that will make them loose all their lands . √ Moi’s families fears that ndungu’s report, will make them loose Moi tea zone belonged to ( akwanja group)…

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How To Invest In Money Market Fund Business Idea In Kenya

Money Market Fund

Money Market is an investment you can do and be assured of only profits, of course through interests earned through your investment. Money Market Fund is an arrangement, mostly done by insurance companies, where individuals pool resources together and the money is used to trade on foreign currencies. In this fund, you only contribute what your pocket can afford and you are not compelled to contribute every month. In Kenya, you will only find individuals like Uhuru Kenyatta, Jimnah Mbaru and Chris Kirubi engaging in this kind of investments, because…

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Raila Odinga’s Masterpiece To Succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta In 2022

Raila’s Masterpiece To

In what is sending vibrations across the political divide, Raila Odinga has started executing a plot that he calculates will culminate in him succeeding Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022. In the elaborate vote-hunting strategy, Raila is locking in ODM’s traditional support bases as he penetrates Jubilee party strongholds in readiness for the polls. Raila, according to sources, is playing politics of rebranding by maintaining what his insiders term as loyalty and dropping political hang-about who, they say, join him during election years and desert him at the hour of need as…

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Risk Counties: Coronavirus Cases Distribution In Kenya By Counties and Sub-Counties.


June 30 June 2020 – Kenya had recorded 176 new COVID-19 cases. The new infections were confirmed from 2,419 samples tested since Monday, according to Dr. Rashid Aman, a Chief Administrative Secretary at the Ministry of Health. Dr Aman said 26 patients were also discharged, raising recoveries from the virus in the country to 2,039. “On a sad note, we lost four patients to the virus,” Dr Aman told a regular news briefing at the Ministry of Health. Dr Aman urged Kenyans to strictly adhere to measures by the Ministry…

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Isiolo Governor Dr. Mohammed Kuti Busted For ‘Launching’ Fake ICU Beds He Hired From A Private Hospital

Governor Dr. Mohammed Kuti

With an exposed system and devolved functions of the government, county bosses are burning the oil through the night to be seen be working even though they had all the time to improve public healthcare but instead prioritized their own interests to grow even bigger tummies with irrelevant projects. If you look around now, you’ll notice they’re launching anything and everything and with the full camera crew to capture and paint them as the best thing on earth after buttered toast. Sone is honestly working and done are cheekily masquerading.…

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Breaking: China’s President Xi Jinping signs Hong Kong national security law.

Hong Kong national security law.

President Xi Jinping has signed the national security legislation Beijing has tailor-made for Hong Kong into law and it will come into effect before the end of Tuesday. The signing was reported by Xinhua news agency, which also confirmed that the country’s top legislative body, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, had passed the law earlier in the day although specific elements of the legislation have yet to be spelled out. Soon after Xinhua’s report, the Hong Kong government confirmed it would gazette the law – which would prohibit acts of secession, subversion, terrorism, and collusion…

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Mary Kwamboka Has Appeared at Milimani Alleges that CJ David Maraga is a Deadbeat.

David Maraga

In a video circulated online, Kwamboka caused a spectacle at the Milimani Law Courts demanding an audience from the general public as well as calling for aid claiming she cannot afford a lawyer. In the clip, Kwamboka intimated that she has been having an affair with the CJ since 2013 and the two share a 6-year-old daughter. “I met with Maraga and had an affair. We’ve been friends since 2013 and now I have a six-year-old daughter,” said a wailing Kwamboka. Sources close to Kahawa Tungu have intimated that the lady in…

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Top 9 Most Profitable Investments In Kenya Anytime.

Investment In Kenya

Sometimes when you have money at your disposal, it becomes very difficult to make any tangible investment. It is always advisable to seek advice on the best investment you can make to get the best returns. We have more than 100 investment options, but only less than 10 are viable. So, if you are perhaps wondering “which investment has the best return?” ,here is the answer. Investing in Real Estate If indeed you want to become the Kirubi of tomorrow, put your money in land and housing. In Kenya, land…

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Women Admit To Have Killed Her Four Kids Now Claims That She Was Possessed (Video).


A woman suspected to have killed four of her children is now blaming evil spirits and a broken relationship. After spending two nights in police cells, Beatrice Mwende Kimothoi yesterday said reality had hit her and she is yet to come to terms with her deeds, which she termed as demonic. Speaking before she was arraigned in court in Naivasha, the mother of seven asked for mercy, saying she was possessed and did not know what she was doing. “We ate supper together and even watched TV before the children,…

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