6 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Will Never Post Your Photo on Her WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp Status

Most guys always feel like they have been left out of a relationship especially when they see their partners posting random WhatsApp Status photos of how they spent the day, photos with their other girlfriends, or even a recent ex.

Before you make wrong conclusions about your girl, it is probably good to enquire from them but here are some reasons why she might be doing so.

WhatsApp Status

1) She prefers a private relationship. She really does not have to post you on her WhatsApp Status, because that’s not particularly her style.

2) She doesn’t find pictures of both of you attractive or lovely enough. Maybe she isn’t photogenic or there’s something about you in their pictures that bombs it.

3) She is hiding you from someone. A problematic relative or friends because she fears they may not like you because you are not as attractive as an ex she used to post on her WhatsApp status.

4) She isn’t proud of you. When a girl is proud of you, she will do everything even posting you on her WhatsApp Status to show you what you mean to her. Posting you could be one way to express that complement.

5) She has shared a lot of pictures, private life on social media with her exes. and then it didn’t work out, and it got embarrassing.

6) She fears she might be posting someone’s bae. Probably you used to have a bad history of dating many girls and she fears she may hurt another girl by doing so.

WhatsApp Status


You should discuss with your partner and find out her reasons first before making a rushed judgment that could pose problems. Talk about it. If not, you could be sitting on a time bomb waiting to go tick tick boom at your blind side.

There could be dark things on the other side of that action if left unspoken of.

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