Why Musalia Mudavadi And Kalonzo Musyoka Fear To Join Deputy president William Ruto To Craft A 2022 Pact.

Deputy president William Ruto

Deputy president William Ruto is the most talked about politician in Kenya. Musalia and Kalonzo have been deputy presidents before.

Their experience as deputy presidents make them fear to join Deputy president William Ruto.They are aware if you fight the president,your political career is doomed and dusted.

Its obvious and in the public domain that Uhuru and Ruto are not reading from the same page.It would therefore mean fighting Uhuru, if they were to join Ruto camp by any chance.

It’s difficult to see a deputy president take on his boss like Deputy President William Ruto has done. He has rubbished any attempt by anybody to stop his bid in 2022. He has vowed to sweep his hurdles to the red sea never to come back.

Mudavadi and Kalonzo therefore expect Ruto hurdles to be heavy and stormy for daring the establishment.They believe he might not make it to presidency.

Mudavadi having been a deputy president same as Kalonzo, largely view Ruto as their Junior in politics.They believe they are entitled to being at the top owing to their family connections with leadership and government.

It also expected that,If any was to join Deputy President William Ruto, he would definitely play a second fiddle. Ruto would never cede ground to any. He would either choose to be a deputy president or something else.

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