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We have no Capacity to Handle Coronavirus in Meru County, Governor Kiraitu Admits.

Governor Kiraitu Admits.

The Meru County boss Kiraitu admitted that Meru has less than 20 trained COVID-19 medical personnel to help curb the Coronavirus disease.

He added that the county has procured only five ventilators. “Let us not be cheated that we are ready. If we get 100 cases in Meru, they will die,” said Mr. Kiraitu.

The Meru Governor Kiraitu disclosed that the county has only 56 isolation beds. He also asked his fellow residents to admit that the county had no capacity to deal with Coronavirus disease.

Instead, he said his government was concerned in preventing people from getting the disease.

Kiraitu called on residents to embrace washing hands regularly with water and soap. “Follow government measures and wash your hands with soap and water regularly,” he reaffirmed.

The governor added that every Sub County would be issued with ten water tanks for washing hands.

Kiraitu called on politicians to avoid using COVID-19 pandemic to politicize the development agenda.

Pro- Cs Munya Brigade come Out Guns Brazing Attacking Kiraitu.

The Whole of last week when we posted about how shitty prepared Meru county is in dealing with Covid19, Kiraitu bootlickers and his online squirrels were all over claiming how ready they are.

Gov Kiraitu and Cs Munya
Gov Kiraitu and Cs Munya

Today, Kiraitu has come out and said they have trained less than 20 health workers on how to handle Covid19. I presume these are only the heads.

He has admitted he hasn’t been able to secure PPEs, save the ones for media demonstration of course. The isolation centers capacity in Meru county is 56 persons, and we have only 5 ventilators in the entire county. How many ICU beds? Don’t even dare ask.

Kshs 36M has been used to distribute 450 water tanks and 25,000 masks. This is laughable. He says he can’t be able to procure more. Never mind other counties like kitui under Ngilu are making such basic consumables.

Other counties have already started feeding their people.. kiraitu has resurfaced with his jerricans from kionyo where he had isolated himself.

Having installed a ventilator at his home ,he doesn’t care at all about the people he leads..

Stay home, stay safe. Wash your hands or sanitize accordingly. Keep social distance. Merians we are on OUR OWN

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