Top 5 Prominent Celebs In Kenya Who Were Cremated

In this article we are looking for a prominent celeb in Kenya who requested to be cremated. Cremation according to the dictionary Britanicca is the practice of reducing a corpse to its essential elements by burning.

The body is placed in a chamber where intense heat transforms it in an hour or two to a few pounds of white, powdery ash that is disposed of in accordance with law and sentiment.

Prominent Celebs who have been Cremated.

1. Charles Ouda  15/2/2024

Renowned Kenyan actor Charles Ouda was cremated on Thursday, February 15, 2024,

This was done at Kariokor crematorium after a funeral mass at the All Saints Cathedral.

2. Asad Khan- 19/12/2023

 The celebrated rally driver was cremated on Monday, December 19, at Kariokor Muslim Cemetery.

Khan died on December 18 on Sunday evening, days after he was allegedly assaulted by his girlfriend and fellow rally driver, Maxine Wahome.

3. Franklin Ndirangu alias Drae Frank 29th/11/2023

Drae Frank, the Graphic designer behind Wajackoya Weed t-shirts was cremated at at Kariokor Crematorium.

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The creative had expressed his interest to be cremated days before he passed away.

Although not confirmed sources indicated he might have died by suicide days after the Tweet dated November 20.

4. John Macharia

John Macharia, The son of Kenyan media mogul SK Macharia’s son, was cremated at the Lang’ata Cemetery Crematorium.

Macharia died due to injuries sustained in a road accident.

 5. Sean Cardiovillis- 14/9 2023

Renowned sports journalist and commentator Sean Cardiovillis was cremated at the Hindu Crematorium in Kariakor, .

The motorsport enthusiast, whose death was announced on September 9, 2023, it was done at a private family event ceremony in line with Hindu customs.

He was an employee at Capital FM .

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