Kenyan Celebrities Who Own Nightclub Today

Various celebrities have in the past come out to seek financial help after running bankrupt. Many wasted money by living a lavish and extravagant lifestyle. It is always advisable to save for a rainy day and this is exactly what most celebrities are doing to avoid going broke. Many have invested in real estate and other beneficial business ventures. Today’s article takes a look at celebrities who have opened their own nightclub.

1. Bien

Bien is a member of the Sauti Sol music band. The artist owns a Manhattan nightclub which is located along Mombasa Road on the fourth floor of Imaara Mall. In a past interview, he explained that he opened the club so that he could have a place where he would have fun and interact with people freely.

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” I realized that my relationship with many clubs was more transactional. In any nightclub I have been to, I have either gone to perform or do some brand endorsement deals. This is why I decided to create my own spot. ” He stated.

2. Churchill

Daniel Ndambuki otherwise known as Churchill is also a proud owner of a nightclub. The renowned comedian owns Pavilion XV Lounge in Kitengela.

The nightclub is a luxurious one and it contains a car wash, a restaurant, and a barbershop. It also entertains people with games such as pool tables, darts, chess, and cards.

3. Eugene Mbugua

Eugene Mbugua is a famous producer, writer, and content creator. He has produced various hit shows such as Our Perfect Wedding, Story Yangu, Being Bahati, and Sol Family.

Despite having a successful media career, Eugene has also ventured into night club business. He owns the Number 7 club located on Koinange Street.

4. KRG The Don

The popular dancehall artist is a proud owner of a luxurious nightclub known as Casa Vera Lounge in Kilimani along Ngong Road. According to the singer, the club is allegedly worth over 200 million.

5. Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi is a popular comedian, actor, and content creator. On September 1st, 2022, he took to social media to tell his followers that he had just acquired a nightclub.

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The club named Maxy’s Lounge located along Isiolo Road is still under renovation and will be complete in one month’s time. He revealed that he intends to use at least Ksh40 million in the club’s renovation.

“For instance, the sound system will cost Ksh 4.5 million, the furniture will be around Ksh 3.8 million, the lighting will cost up to Ksh 2.7 milliom, the kitchen upgrade at Ksh 3.9 million and a VIP Bar at Ksh 2.2 million. I want to use this facility to grow talent. I will allow upcoming artists to shoot their videos here, I’ll be hosting talent nights every Tuesday and basically use this space to grow Kenyan talent,” he said.

Questions have been raised if he really owns the establishment or simply marketing it.

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