Why, Dj Mo and his wife Size 8 Reborn Arrested

Gospel DJ Mo was arrested together with his wife. This was because he did not have a license plate on him.These were his words exactly,” Kwani hunijui, check my DL online, kwani unatumia katululu”.

It all began when DJ Mo was cruising in his luxurious vehicle with his wife and a third party. A traffic police in a reflector approached them and as celebrities, they thought it was just fun and wanted a selfie with them.

On the contrary, the traffic police were hot on their heels because the car they drove in lacked a license plate.

When asked, DJ Mo was somehow intimidated since he thought being a celebrity with so many followers on Instagram, almost everyone knew him.

He asked the police whether he did not know him and if he didn’t, he should check his license online. However, the situation became dramatic when the officer asked DJ Mo for his driving license and he told him to look for it online.

The police officer did not have an advanced phone and DJ Mo made fun of him saying maybe it was the reason he couldn’t verify the license online.

The tension became intense when the police officer asked them to accompany them to the police station which was Muthangari police station.

They were surrounded by officers who were determined to work out the law without regard to any celebrity status.  The couple demanded to be treated with respect.

The police however questioned them on why they failed to adhere to the law. They insisted that even the president himself adhered to the law and had a license plate on their car when driving.

When the police asked for the license, the famous gospel DJ asked him whether he did not know

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