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As kenyans continues facing hunger,anger and being overburdened by the handcheque govt,It’s one year down the line ever since the historical,regretable and unworthy handshake was witnessed.

Apart from one Raila Amollo Odinga seeking attention from the public through the said fake handshake,he is yet to implement anything as per what he pledged to Kenyans during that memorable occassion rather than Politicizing important govt issues and continously addressing his usual poetic Vitendawili..

Kenyans we were blindly fooled that the handshake will unite all of us,and yes it did at some point.Little did we comprehend,Rtd Raila Odinga’s intention was to take advantage so as to  kick off his 2022 Presidential campaigns againist Deputy President William Samoei Arap Ruto.

The formation of Build Bridges Initiative(BBI)was not to save taxpayers money but it was intentionally formed to overburden kenyans and secretly draft the new constituion which will pave way for the Refrendum where by taxpayers will loose more than 25.8Billion to fund the entire exercise instead of utilising the funds to Implement the Big 4 Agenda..

If at all kenyans will be forced to visit the historical development background of all leaders aspiring to be the next qualified and best  president of the Republic of Kenya,Then we are ready.

For instance Raila Odinga Served as the Mp Lang’ata Constituency and Opposition Leader since 1992 -2013 and no change was made rather than escalating poverty and leaving a legacy as the Largest Slum in Africa until Ken Okoth took Over the Responsibility and positively changed the situation.

Raila’s intention in Jubilee Party was not to unite Kenyans but to cause,trouble,anguish and bring division among kenyans  just like what he did for Kanu and Nasa Coalition.

Bringing Raila in Jubilee party is like keeping a chicken as a pet, which you will EVENTUALLY eat it out of hunger…

On the other hand William Arap Ruto served as the member of Parliament since 1997 -2013  and his constituents witnessed tramendous progress.

Now,If you were to vote between the two who will you vote for?

Definetly you will vote for WSR because he deserves your it..

Let’s Kenyans desist from hearsays and vitendawili from Mzee Rtd Raila Odinga and Support the implementation of the big 4 agenda..

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