President Ruto Salary Per Month In Kenya Shillings

President Ruto Salary

Salary and remuneration committee (SRC) records show that President Ruto earns Ksh. 1,443,750 per month consisting of a basic salary of Ksh. 866,250 and a house allowance of Ksh. 350,000. Also included is a market adjustment pay of Ksh. 227,500 – among other benefits listed below. Apart from the known remuneration are hefty loyalties from … Read more

Meet President Ruto’s Sister and Four Brothers

Meet President Ruto's Sister and Four Brothers

While President Ruto has frequently graced the public eye with his political activities and engagements, he tends to keep his personal life quite private. Among the aspects of his life that remain largely out of the spotlight is his extended family, particularly his siblings and their pursuits. Today, we take a closer look at some … Read more

Procedure to Impeach President in Kenya

Procedure to Impeach President in Kenya

In Kenya, the procedure to impeach a President is outlined in the Constitution of Kenya, specifically in Articles 145 and 146. I will provide you with an overview of the process, including relevant quotes from the Constitution. procedure to impeach a President Motion of Impeachment A motion for the impeachment of the President may be … Read more