What You Need to Start A Mpesa Agent Business.

Start A Mpesa Agent Business.

Mpesa Agents are booming all over the country because of the amazing commission one gets from the numerous transactions.

Mpesa is powered by Safaricom and has seen the livelihood of most Kenyans going a notch higher because of the creation of employment through Mpesa Agents.

One needs to visit a Safaricom shop to be registered as an Mpesa Agent.

The company details will be required and the minimum amount of float one can have is KES 100,000

The company must be registered and be operational for at least 6 months.

One needs to brand the shop with the Mpesa details and Safaricom logo.

The location of your shop should be in a busy location for more sales because a busy day is a great day. The commission is paid based on the number of transactions done by Mpesa Agent.

In case you need to employ someone to run the business for you, they must be have a minimum of KCSE education.

Once you have set up the shop, one should buy the UV detection bulbs that detect fake money and hang it where the customer can see what you are doing with their cash to create trust.

However,everyone who comes in to your shop should be treated as a suspect. There should be no sharing of your details with anyone.

To refill the float, one can use their bank accounts to do the same. This is a cheap method and very safe.

For more profits, one can become an agent of different banks and earn commission from the transactions.

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One can add selling airtime and KPLC tokens to the business.

There is a Pesapoint application for selling tokens, bill payment and purchasing airtime.

The commission is good depending on the transactions and one can market to the surrounding areas.

The app is also economical because it does not have charges, plus it sends the transaction details directly to the customer

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