Njoro Wa Uba Biography, Age, Marriage, Career, Net Worth

Njoro wa Uba is a fictional character from Kenyan literature. He is a central character in the novel “Njoro wa Uba” written by the renowned Kenyan author Meja Mwangi. The novel explores the struggles and experiences of Njoro, a young man living in Nairobi’s slums.

Njoro Wa Uba

Njoro is depicted as a resourceful and resilient individual who navigates the harsh realities of urban life. He is driven by the desire to improve his circumstances and break free from the cycle of poverty.

Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, Njoro maintains a positive attitude and demonstrates determination in pursuing his goals.

Throughout the novel, Njoro’s character undergoes personal growth and development as he learns valuable life lessons. He is depicted as someone who learns from his mistakes and adapts to the changing circumstances around him.

Njoro’s story reflects the struggles and aspirations of many impoverished individuals and serves as a critique of social and economic inequalities in Kenyan society.

Njoro wa Uba is widely regarded as a significant literary work in Kenya, highlighting the themes of poverty, urbanization, and social injustice. The character of Njoro embodies the resilience and tenacity of individuals striving for a better life in challenging circumstances.

Njoro wa Uba has become one of the best actors in Kenya. His unique acting skills have made him stand out and earned him popularity in the entertainment industry.

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He is popular on the Maisha Magic channel where his show; Njoro wa Uba, is aired. We look into his life and the journey to being where he is.

Njoro Wa Uba Real Name

Njoro wa Uba’s real name is Joseph Kinyua

Njoro wa Uba Age

He was born on 31st January 1984. He was born in the Eastleigh area of Nairobi County. Information about his parents and his siblings is not available and will be updated with time.


Njoro started off his education by attending both primary and secondary schools in Kasarani though the specific name of the schools is missing. He then went on to study accounting at Visions Professional Institute in Nairobi between 2002 to 2006.


Njoro was lucky to get a job after his studies, unlike other youths who after studies face a lot of difficulties in getting jobs. He was employed by the Aga Khan University Hospital where he applied his accounting knowledge for four years.

During this time, the urge to be an actor was building up, and in 2006, he made a low-budget film with his friends.

In 2008, Njoro decided to dedicate his time fully to acting and that is when he joined the Traveling Theatre Group.

In this, he grew his acting career to the point he even got the chance to work with Hollywood. He traveled to Belgium to do a shoot.

Some of Njoro wa Uba’s films he has featured in are;

  • Fifth Estate
  • Lies that Bind
  • News Just In
  • Changes
  • How to Find a Husband
  • Sue and Johny
  • Fences

Though he has been in many films, Njoro is attributing his success to the Njoro wa Uba drama as the best among all the characters he has played. The show is aired on the Maisha Magic channel.

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Njoro wa Uba Wife

Njoro is a secretive man who has kept his personal life away from social media and the limelight. This has made it hard to know much about his family.

All that is clear is that he is married to Wangari Thatcher and they did a wedding in October 2021.

Net Worth

Being the secretive man he is, knowing how much he is worth is quite hard but going by his long stint in the acting industry, he has made quite a lot of money and subsequently made investments. He is probably worth over 15 million Kenyan shillings.

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