List of Multi-million Shillings Mike Sonko Business Operates

Mike Sonko Business

Mike Sonko Business: Among the wealthiest politicians Nairobi governor’ hasn’t been left behind. Mike’s sonko is among the politicians. The flamboyant governor’ who a number of times said that he made his wealth which he was in high school.

Due to the flaunting status of the governors’ wealth. There have been speculations that have linked the governors’ wealth source to drug trafficking but sonko says that he made his money clean and he further goes to defend himself that he can account for his wealth.

Mike Sonko Business In Question

While on 2017 campaigns sonko revealed that he is a businessman thus owning a number of properties and enterprises within Nairobi and outside the county.

Mike Sonko Business
Mike Sonko Business

Here is a list of multi-million shillings Mike Sonko business operates;

  1. Sonkos mult-million palatial home.Sonko owns multi million state of art residence in his home mua hills in Machakos county.

2. Sonko rescue foundation’, the rescue team that is run and funded by governor’Sonko.It owns top range vehicles, cars ambulances, and other properties. The team has helped to provide essential services to the needy, offering employment opportunities to people thus improving people’s living standards.

3. Matatu sectors. Sonko who was once a matatu chairman in Eastland association in 2007, currently he owns more than 5000 matatus under operations in the city. Sonko also owns cyber Cafes, boutiques, clubs among many things.

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Mike Sonko Business
Mike Sonko Business

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