Koffi Olomide Wifes, Marie, Aliane and Cindy

Koffi Olomide graduated in the 70s and realized he was not making as much money in offices, He embarked seriously on his music career and teamed up with Papa Wemba who introduced him to a lady by the name Marie Makosso.

To firm up his association with Papa Wemba who then had a lot of influence on lots of new musicians in Paris, Koffi married Marie Makosso with whom they had two kids namely Aristotle and Epiphanie Minou (aka Miss Universe)

Madame Marie Makosso went through the mud in this marriage, Koffi carried on blatant affairs with multiple women most specifically his dancers also known as Ba Koffiettes( Ba Kofiet), and had several kids with them outside wedlock.

Of note is Fifi who is on Facebook as Yolo Mama ministry, you must remember her from the album Tchatcho all the way to Ultimatum, the light-skinned tall girl well endowed. Actually, it’s said Koffi carried on affairs with all famous four of that album and even V12 including Rosette Kamono and YouYou.

During Marie Makosso’s reign, Koffi had about 11 children out of wedlock spread between Belgium, Paris, Senegal, and DRC.

But she stayed on, as far as she was concerned, she was the wife of a budding superstar and she held the wife title while everyone else was the side chic.

Koffi Olomide broke from Papa Wemba and went solo and did well giving him inroads in the industry.

Koffi now needed a well-educated, Pedigree wife from a deep-state family as his music was good but not really impacting as fast as he wanted.

Enters Aliane Olomide

French half-Congolese beauty, Aliane came from an influential family and refused to be a side chic, with her came her family’s money and ties to the high Parisian society which Koffi needed to belong, she was bringing money to the table and demanded the ring.

Koffi Olomide divorced Marie

Koffi divorced Marie very Quickly and married Aliane. Aliane was then famed as the only African client Versace recognized, She spent millions in that store,to this date she is called Aliane Versace her other name is Ali Debs(Deborah is her middle name) she is also a perfume connaisseur and wears J’adore mostly so she is also called Alidor.

In Versace fashion shows, Aliane gets the front-row seats.

Koffi has sung so many songs for Aliane from the album Affaire d’etat..when you hear ‘Lettre A’ the A means Aliane in monde Arabe.

Her other praise names include Pomme Verte, Grand Petre Mere,12eme Dan, La Patronne, or Alidor.

The cover photo for ‘Attentat’ is Aliane’s hand. That’s the extent Koffi went to tap into Aliane’s influence.

Aliane had three kids for Koffi top being the French Model Didi Stone Olomide, Mourniho(Koffi is a Chelsea fan), and St.James.

Koffi Olomide Banned in Kenya

When Koffi married Aliane, he abandoned his first family who had had to put up with public schooling in France while Ali’s kids attended the best of schools around the world.

But just like Marie, Aliane has had to fight off constant affairs between Koffi and his dancers. There was one particular incident in Nairobi where Koffi booked a different room from the presidential to entertain a Kenyan lady.

Aliane got wind and the fight at the Safari Park Hotel is still legendary to date.

All these have been casual affairs until Mwana Ina shows up. Mwana Ina is Cindy le coeur.

Cindy joined Quartier Latin as a songstress when Koffi was adopting a female voice in his band to shake things up and also gain new fans for her voice.

As with all female employees of QL, Koffi starts a casual affair with Cindy who is now subjected to fights once again with Ba Koffiettes.

Aliane divorced Koffi

The flying kick at JKIA had to do with a dancer carrying on an affair with Koffi. This dancer and Cindy fought airborne in the plane and when they landed the girl continued insulting Cindy and Koffi kicked her to shut her up as Cindy watched.

Cindy who is a very patient side chic, has also been working on her craft, building a fan base to the point she is now a force in QL, She chooses who dances for the band and all bow down to her ensuring Koffi can carry on affairs outside and not within QL.
This also explains the dilapidated state of Koffi’s dancers of late.

Koffi now cheated with a dancer from Wezekwa’s band and Cindy threatened to leave the band.. Koffi promoted her, then this did not go well with Aliane who separated from Koffi during the Pandemic..and came the song Alidor.

At the end of last year, there were rumors of Cindy being pregnant. Aliane divorced Koffi
Enters Cindy.”

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