Top 10 HIGHEST Paid Artists by MCSK 2024

The Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) has recently disbursed royalties to local musicians in the initial quarter of 2024. The Chief Executive Officer, Ezekiel Mutua, made a public announcement at Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi, stating the society’s commitment to disburse KSh 20 million by January 2024.

Mutua outlined a strategic plan for artist payments, revealing that the second quarter disbursements are scheduled for April 2024. Moreover, he emphasized collaboration with the government, particularly the Ministry of Arts and Culture, to enhance MCSK collections and elevate member welfare through training initiatives.

In a bid for transparency, Mutua highlighted MCSK’s acquisition of new music tariffs and its dedication to ensuring openness in the disbursement of funds to artists. Anticipating a substantial total collection of over KSh 2 billion for royalties in 2024, Mutua disclosed outstanding debts from the media industry, with a substantial KSh 1.4 billion owed, along with KCB owing KSh 300 million, among other sectors.

Despite ongoing legal battles over artists’ payments, Mutua encouraged faith and support in MCSK, envisioning a positive shift in the narrative. He urged members to update their records, including KRA PIN, phone, and account numbers, by extending the distribution period to March 29, 2024.

The list of top-paid MCSK artists for the first quarter of 2024 was also unveiled, showcasing significant earnings for musicians such as Joseph Ngala, Solomon Mkubwa, De Mathew, Marakwet Daughter, Reuben Kigame, Stephen Kasolo, Praise Makena, Joseph Shisia Wasira, and Jackson Wambua Mutinda. The screenshot below how much they received.

MCSK Payment List from Highest-Paid Artists in Kenya

  1. Joseph Ngala => KES 101,032.29  
  2. Solomon Mkubwa => KES 74,138.56
  3. De Mathew => KES 70,094.00
  4. Marakwet Daughter (Mali Safi Chito) => KES 108,123.41
  5. Reuben Kigame => KES 122,410.71
  6. Stephen Kasolo => KES 106,862.77
  7. Praise Makena over => KES 110,000
  8. Joseph Shisia Wasira => KES 101,137
  9. Jackson Wambua Mutinda => KES 91,524.94

In a departure from previous practices where some artists received as little as KSh 600 or 1,000, Mutua assured that all artists would experience improved compensation. Notably, international artists like Diamond Platinumz received a substantial KSh 757,092.23 for their music played in Kenya.

This development follows MCSK’s securing of an operating license in May 2023, marking a pivotal moment for the Kenyan music industry. Additionally, the music platform Mdundo declared the payment of over KSh 163.3 million in royalties to artists across Africa in 2024.

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