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“Kenyans Have Started Moving On” Moses Kuria After Mwangi Kiunjuri Sack


After Kinjuri’s speech at Nairobi Hotel, the first person waited for him outside for a selfie was Moses Kuria who from a court where he is charged with assault.

Former Agri Cs Kinjuri Stated that “I am not lacking in means. I know the President took his actions and this must have its own consequences.”

“For any actions, there will be reactions, you talk tough, I act tough,” remarked Kiunjuri.

Kiunjuri further indicated that he would continue serving Kenyans in his new status.

“We are born with nothing and die with nothing. Even in the wilderness, God provides. I urge my supporters to stay calm, God provides.”

“I have never failed in trying. I shall remain a been independent, principled and calm leader. I shall remain faithful to public service. I’ll continue serving this country with no-fail, I am going nowhere.”

Kiunjuri further ruled out incompetence as a reason for losing his job indicating that he steered the ministry in the right direction achieving great milestones.

“While making his address, the president indicated that our agricultural production has gone up in recent years. This productivity has gone up during my tenure. I am proud of it.”

“I am proud of my achievement and I leave with my head high. When God closes one door, he opens another,” added Kiunjuri.

Kiunjuri also intimated that it has not been an easy time at the Ministry of Agriculture indicating that a number of people have been there to paint him in a bad light to achieve political milestones.

“As a community, we know what I have passed through. I have been forced to cope with a lot while in the government. We need to ask ourselves where we are heading as a community.”

“We need to sit down and chant a way forward as soon as possible. Nobody consulted me or informed me of the intended sacking” remarked Kiunjuri.

Kiunjuri did not fail to show his unwavering plans for a political continuity, announcing that he is not leaving the space any time soon.

“I am a wise person and I know what to do next. Numerous paths are already open and there are indicators all over. I was not consulted or even informed about the sacking.”

“Even when a plant loses its flowers, it lives to bear fruit another day. I am still political viable and this will come to manifest itself. We will continue speaking the truth,” remarked Kiunjuri.

However, Kiunjuri thanked the President for the chance to serve as a cabinet secretary stating that it helped him learn a lot about running public institutions.

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