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JOHO Family to Become THE RICHEST Family In Mombasa


The dominance of AUTO PORT Freight Terminals Limited, a FIRM associated with the FAMILY of Mombasa Governor HASSAN JOHO. The firm has come under SCRUTINY amid protests of POLITICAL favoritism.

Autoport has in recent weeks BAGGED two controversial MULTI-BILLION contracts. The firm was first given EXCLUSIVE operational rights of the Nairobi Inland Cargo Terminal by the Kenya Railways Corporation.

At the SAME TIME, the firm was awarded a LICENCE by Kenya PORTS Authority. The License is to develop a second-grain BULK handling facility at the MOMBASA PORT.

Mombasa business community has protested the government’s move to give exclusive operational rights to the JOHO Family logistic firm at the expense of the rest.

Speaking to the Media, key business associations in the region termed the move by the KRC to grant Autoport Freight Terminals Limited absolute rights to handle all cargo at the terminal as “undemocratic and politically instigated favourism.”

JOHO Family to Become THE RICHEST Family In Mombasa

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