I&M, Co-op Bank top Bank Rating for First quarter 2020 – Cytonn Research.

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Top Bank: Kenya’s banking sector showed resilient performance despite the tough operating environment which was largely attributable to persistent revenue diversification. This is according to an analysis of the financial performance of listed banks done by the Cytonn Financial Services Research Team for the first quarter of this year.

The report has also carried out a comprehensive ranking of the listed banks on the basis of franchise value and also on future growth opportunity, see table;

Top Bank
Bank Value Score Value Score Score Rank Ranking
I&M Holdings 51 2 21.6 1 2
Co-operative Bank 49 4 22 2 3
KCB Group Plc 56 3 24.2 3 1
Equity Group 60 5 27 4 4
DTBK 67 1 27.4 5 5
ABSA 62 8 29.6 6 7
Stanbic Bank/Holdings 65 6 29.6 7 6
SCBK 75 9 35.4 8 9
NCBA Group Plc 83 7 37.4 9 8
HF Group Plc 92 10 42.8 10 10
Future Growth Opportunity

Major Changes from the Q1’2020 Ranking are:

  • Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd whose rank improved to Position 2 from Position 3 in FY’2019 mainly due to an improvement in the Gross NPL ratio to 10.8% in Q1’2020 from 11.2% in FY’2019, in turn, improving its franchise value score, and,
I&M, Co-op Bank top Bank Rating for First quarter 2020 – Cytonn Research Click To Tweet
  • KCB Group whose rank declined to Position 3 from Position 1 in FY’2019 mainly due to a deterioration in the cost to income ratio to 61.1% in Q1’2020 from 56.2% in FY’2019 thus, in turn, worsening the franchise value score.
Top Bank

The report all the same highlights that banks reported a decline in the quality of their loan books, as a result of compliance with the new accounting rules known as IFRS 9, together with the cautious stance that banks have taken to mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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“Asset quality deteriorated in Q1’2020 with the gross NPL ratio increasing by 0.9% points to 11.3% from 10.4% in Q1’2019. This was high compared to the 5-year average of 8.5%.

I&M, Co-op Bank top Bank Rating for First quarter 2020 – Cytonn Research Click To Tweet

In accordance with IFRS 9, banks are expected to provide both for the incurred and expected credit losses. Consequently, this saw the NPL coverage increase to 57.4% in Q1’2020 from 54.5% in Q1’2019 as banks adopted a cautious stance on the back of the expected impact of the COVID-19 pandemic,” the Cytonn Report.

For more information, see our Cytonn Q1’2020 Listed Banking Sector Review

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