We Went With My Fiance to Visit His Parents, Only To Find Out I Slept With His Father Before.

A young ethnic couple having relationship problems

I never knew that the act I did in the past will come back to haunt my future.

During my university days, I lived a wayward life. I was one of the girls who wanted to make money fast even if we had to sell our bodies.

We hardly attended classes, sat for any tests or exams. We always had our way around with the lecturers. We offered them our bodies and they in turn give us good marks.

We were living the good life in school. Other girls envied us because of our extravagant lifestyles.

5 years later after graduation, I got a job in a bank as a marketer.

We were given targets to meet on monthly basis. Our salaries and promotions were dependent on our returns.

It was a difficult task getting clients to save their monies with the bank.

After 2 months of being unable to meet targets, I decided to step up my game.

I started sleeping around with clients so that they can deposit their money with my bank.

This arrangement between me and my clients worked perfectly. I was using what I have to get what I wanted.

I became the hot shot in my department. I broke targets, brought in more money and top clients.

I was nominated by my department to be sent abroad for a 2 weeks seminar/ vacation due to my superb performance.

It was during my vacation in the UK that I met Bayo at one of the seminars I attended.

Bayo was a tall handsome man. He was also in the UK for the seminars.

We went on a couple of dates and that was how our relationship started.

Few months later, Bayo proposed to me and I accepted.

I was so happy how my life had turned for the better. I immediately applied for redeployment to another department in the bank and it was granted.

Bayo and I started making wedding plans and decided to go see his parents.

Although I had spoken with his parents on phone on several occasions, I was so eager to finally meet them personally.

Bayo was the only son of his parents and they were glad that their son was bringing home his wife to be.

When we got to his parent’s home, Bayo asked me to sit in the living room while he go announce our arrival.

He came out a few minutes later with his mom. He introduced me to her as the lady he has been talking about.

His mom was so thrilled and she gave me a warm welcome. His mom told me that Bayo’s father was on a long call and will be coming out shortly to welcome me too.

I was so happy with the warm reception I got from the mom. My joy knew no bounds. However, I never knew that my happiness would be short-lived.

Bayo, the mom and I had barely chatted for about 20 minutes when the dad came into the living room.

With smiles beaming on Bayo’s face, he got up to introduce me to his father.

Immediately I stood up to greet his father, I was shocked at whom I saw.

He was one of the major clients I had slept with several times to meet up with my targets when I was still a marketer in the bank.

Not only did I sleep with him, I slept with some of his friends he introduced to me.

Bayo’s dad countenance changed immediately he set his eyes on me. He looked at his son and said, “Bayo, you can’t marry this lady”. He turned to me and said, “Leave my house this very minute and stay away from my son”.

Bayo and the mom were shocked and confused at the same time.

I fell down on my knees and burst into tears.

Why has fate decided to pay me back this way?

Why is it that the only man I loved and wanted to get married to was the son of the man I had slept with many times?

I am ruined. What should I do? How can I erase the past that has come to haunt my present and future?

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