Hfund Mini App – Hustler Fund Loan App Download.

Huster fund can either be accessed through a dedicated USSD which is *544# or through the Hfund mini app which is the official hustler fund loan app.

Through the app, it’s possible to access the loan balance, loan limit, saving balance, loan status, and statements all from one window.

Through the app, you can also request a hustler loan and confirm your account details that is the holder’s name and phone number.  


How To Access The Hustler Fund Loan App

The hustler fund app can be accessed from the Mpesa app through the following process.

1. Go to your Mpesa app

Visit your Mpesa mobile application. If you don’t have the app yet, you can download it from the google play store.

2. Enter your Mpesa pin.

To log into your Mpesa app, you will be required to input your Mpesa pin. If you just download the app, you will have to go through a verification process before inputting your Mpesa pin.  

3. Go to frequent services.

In your Mpesa dashboard, the Hfund Mini App is available under frequent services.  This category is available under suggested for you alongside global pay and Safaricom bundles.

4. Select the hustler fund.

Tap on hustler fund to be directed to the hustler fund app mini-program.

Do not be dupped to downloading other apps claiming to be the Hustler fund loan app. The app can only be accessed through the Mpesa app, T-Kash app, and the airtel money app.

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