Bad News For All Governors As Matiangi Issues a Series of New Directive.

Photo courtesy ( Interior Cs Fred Matiangi)

Governors have been at the forefront in the fight against covid19 with some even going ahead to close county borders. The interior CS Matiangi now says that no Governor has the authority to restrict movement in their county.

Matiangi speaking to the National Assembly Delegated committee said that only the National security council had the power to partially lockdown counties and restrict movement of people. He further clarified saying that the other person with the same authority as president.

He later ordered all police officers on all roadblocks not to respect partial lockdown decisions made by Governors. He urged the police officers to ensure the lockdown directive had been signed by the president and approved by the National security council.

“I want to tell our police officers not to respect any cessation of movement imposed by counties that is not approved by the National Security Council and signed by the president,” said Dr. Fred Matiangi.

He later said that only the counties that the president had imposed a partial lockdown on were allowed to restrict movement of people.

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