Fred Ranch and Resort Kitengela, Menu Prices & Contacts

Fred Ranch and Resort stands as an extraordinary retreat for urbanites yearning for a well-deserved family break away from the cacophony and pollution of the city.

Nestled on a sprawling 10-acre expanse in Kisaju, Isinya, within Kajiado County, this self-made haven is the brainchild of veteran media personality Fred Machoka and his wife Sophia, crafted with an abundance of love and pride.

Machoka, renowned for hosting the iconic Roga Roga and Rhumba Show on RMS-owned Radio Citizen and Citizen Television for decades, has successfully transformed his vision of owning a distinctive and lucrative enterprise in the hospitality sector into reality.

The ambiance at Fred’s Ranch is characterized by a myriad of activities, ranging from savoring traditional cuisines to engaging in team-building exercises and exploring agri-tourism. The entrance tagline, “Feels Just Like Grandma’s!” perfectly encapsulates the warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The executive team overseeing the luxurious resort includes Fred’s children Marvin, Victor, and Angela. Additionally, Linda Machoka, Victor’s wife, plays a pivotal role at the managerial level.

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Victor Machoka, narrating the inception of Fred’s Ranch, reflects on its humble beginnings as a small farm that burgeoned into a multimillion-dollar venture. Victor, a qualified hotelier, and IR expert, highlights that the ranch officially opened its doors on February 14, 2016.

His mother’s role as the landscaper, personally planting nearly every tree on the grounds, adds a unique touch to the establishment.

Despite initial resource constraints, the Machoka family’s determination and personal investment fueled the growth of the business. Victor emphasizes their commitment to creating a home-like environment, evident in their tagline, “Feels just like Grandma’s.”

Fred’s Ranch, a magnet for hundreds of regular visitors, offers an array of amenities, including conferencing halls, a high-capacity restaurant, an open bar, a swimming pool, a basketball court, wedding and team-building grounds, a football pitch, gardens for children, a mini-forest, open lawns, and spaces for horseback riding.

The establishment also provides training programs and educational farm tours, showcasing intensive dairy farming, poultry farming, and organic crop cultivation.

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Victor underscores that 60 percent of the food served at Fred’s Ranch comes directly from their farm, promoting a farm-to-fork experience. Despite facing challenges in securing external financial support, the family’s dedication has propelled the ranch’s success.

Fred’s Ranch not only offers delectable cuisine at reasonable prices but also provides pocket-friendly accommodation rates. Within its premises, there exists a school of hospitality that offers training programs and scholarships.

The stunning photos of Fred Ranch and Resort showcase its exquisite decor and elegance, leaving one marveling at how the Machoka family transformed the once-deserted Isinya into a modern and thriving destination.

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