Akothee Current Husband: Denis Schweizer Biography

Esther Akoth Kokeyo, popularly known as Akothee, is the talk of the town after she married her newly found lover, Denis Schweizer, in a glitzy wedding attended by the who-is-who in the Celeb-ville as well as the political class in Kenya.

The glamorous wedding went down at the Windsor Hotel drawing the attention of the country, literally.

Before then, Akothee had made everyone know about her new boyfriend, whom she dated for slightly over six months before they decided to become husband and wife.

Dennis Schweizer Age

He has an account on a dating website called Afro Introductions, where he goes by the name Ed. According to his profile, he is 35 years old and was seeking a female partner in Kenya aged between 18-24 years old.

Denis Schweizer Nicknamed Mr. Omosh

She went ahead to nickname Denis Schweizer Mister Omosh, even helping him adopt the name by changing his only known social media account on Instagram. Schweizer is now popularly known as Mr. Omosh by his online Kenyan inlaws.

Apart from this, very little is really known of him and Kenyans have been asking the big question, “Who is Mr. Omosh?”

This has led to Google searches, with those concerned scouring the internet for any piece of information that could unravel his true identity.

Denis Schweizer comes from Switzerland, going by accounts given by Akothee herself. In previous media interviews, Akothee said she met Omosh through a mutual friend who is Swiss.

The friend, according to her, lives in Switzerland and on this particular day he called, Akothee was holidaying in Europe.

She had met a friend in Mombasa when she worked as a taxi driver and they had struck a relationship that dates back to 13 years ago.


So when he called, he introduced Omosh as a businessperson who was looking to invest in Kenya and wanted connections on how and where to start.

Denis Schweizer Family

Denis himself stated that his new wife had spoken to his mom for an hour getting to know each other, something that Esther confirmed saying that she told her mother-in-law everything about her, and the two struck a relationship instantly.

Although his parents didn’t attend the wedding that took part at Windsor, the couple have said that they will hold another wedding in Switzerland that will take place in 3 three weeks.

Chairman Akothee foundation

Akothee did not reveal what business Omosh was planning to start in Kenya, but after they started dating, she introduced him as the new chairman of her foundation, The Akothee Foundation.

She also revealed that Omosh has been visiting Kenya since 2019 as he has invested in the country. She did not, however, reveal what or where he has invested.

Denis Schweizer Biography Akothee Husband

As days went by, Akothee and Omosh introduced a venture they called Esedua Farmers and said a group of trainers was visiting from Switzerland to train Kenyan farmers on pig farming.

Nothing much has been said about Esedua Farmers, save for some pig farming and selling of pork shared online by the couple. Akothee and Omosh have actively involved themselves in this venture.

In media interviews, Akothee gushed about Denis Schweizer, saying he is totally different from the other men she has dated or married before.

“I am behaving like this because Omosh is totally different from the relationships I have had before. He is different,” Akothee said.

Akothee Snatched Omosh’s allegations

Akothee further denied early claims that she snatched Omosh from another woman in Mtwapa, saying they met in Switzerland through a friend and instantly connected.

Omosh himself in another recent interview reiterated the same, saying he met Akothee in Switzerland through a mutual friend, and the rest is history.

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Asked about his parents and how they reacted to him having a new girlfriend from Africa, Omosh said Akothee spent an hour talking to his mum as they got to know each other.

Akothee affirmed this saying she told her mother-in-law everything about her, and the two struck a relationship instantly. However, Omosh’s parents did not fly to Kenya for the wedding.

Omosh says he loves Kenya, and especially Kenyans because they are very warm and welcoming, unlike in Switzerland where everyone minds their business.

Akothee, Husband ‘Omosh’ Second Wedding Ceremony In Switzerland

Akothee’s best friend and maid of honor Beatrice Schnelli-Okello, who lives in Switzerland, took to the comment section to share her excitement at the prospect of being given the duty to organize the second nuptial.

She wrote: “Save the date! Esther Weds Denis in Switzerland! I can’t wait to organize the second royal wedding in Bern (The capital city of Switzerland) Pod Wamedo moke! Love you Osiepa!”

Akothee and Denis’ exchanged vows during a glitz white wedding ceremony held at the Windsor Golf Hotel, Nairobi, on April 10, 2023.

The glamorous wedding was well attended by, among others, Cabinet Secretary Aisha Jumwa, Lang’ata MP Jalang’o, Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo, Kisumu First Lady Dorothy Nyong’o, Migori First Lady Agnes Ayacko, lawyer Patrick Lumumba, as well as Azimio leader Raila Odinga’s wife Ida.

The couple says they plan to do another wedding in Switzerland and have three weeks to make their union complete.

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