Diego Goes To See Brenda With The Pretext Of Being Concerned: Brenda Sees Right Through Him And Asks About The Credit Cards


Ringo: Diego calls the Garay house to ask for Julia. Elsa answers and tells him she is not there. When he asks about Brenda, Elsa tells him about the (no) pregnancy and that Brenda can’t stop crying.

Ringo tells Teresa about Santi being upset that he is back with Julia. Teresa questions why he is back with Julia; she is a good person but she does not trust him. Ringo assures her that both he and Julia will trust each other from now on.

Gloria wishes she had never suggested that he go work for that family; she thinks that Ringo should look for someone else who doesn’t have so many problems. Diego goes to see Brenda with the pretext of being concerned about her.

Brenda sees right through him and asks Diego about the credit cards; so, Diego tells her about Julia removing him as vice-president and asking him to resign. Brenda scoffs that Julia didn’t even consult her and she is part owner of the company.

She thinks that Julia knows nothing about running the company; she will talk to Julia.On his way out, Diego runs into Alejo who asks about his next fight. Diego will look into it and advises Alejo to dedicate his time to Brenda who needs him.

Julia Goes To Diego

Alejo enters and Brenda tells him to leave since he didn’t bother to show up all day. He tells her that he was working and reminds her that she ran him off the night before. Brenda chides him for thinking she is a thief…he leaves all day and he comes back as if nothing is wrong.

When he reminds her that he was working, Brenda scoffs at his job that pays miserably; she wonders how he will give her the life she is accustomed to. Alejo thinks he will never give her enough of what she wants; so, they should just LET IT GO.

After Alejo storms out, Julia comes in to see what is happening, Brenda tells her to butt out and asks her why she took Diego out of the company…she will not allow it.

Julia complains to Elsa about Brenda although there is no doubt it is Elsa who is far superior in handling Brenda than Julia. Julia asks Elsa that while she takes Rosa to her appointment, to not allow Diego into the house for any reason!

Brenda calls the slithering snake to tell him that she could get nowhere with Julia. When she worries that Julia will break the company, dratted Diego has a plan – it’s not complicated he murmurs, we can make this right.

He can help her get her credit cards back and make sure the company isn’t ruined. All she needs to do is to sign a document giving him control of her shares in the company so that he can make decisions for her.

Guevara is ready for his surgery while Damasio, Guachin, Oso, and Susana are there to wish him well. Susana kisses him on the head and as he is ready to be wheeled in, whispers words of encouragement.

Julia Goes To See Rosa Diego

The specialist tells Rosa that she has an injury to the 5th vertebrae of her spinal cord. It may be treated with cortisone and exercises, but she will not box again. Rosa is devastated. Diego and Brenda are at a lawyer’s.

The lawyer tries to explain to Brenda what the paperwork is and encourages her to read it. She basically says not to bother. She is ready to sign as she has an appointment with her stylist.

She signs over her shares to Diego as he bares his teeth, showing a snide self-satisfied smile. While Julia is sympathetic and supportive of Rosa, she agrees that the doctor is right. Rosa is decimated and shakes her head.

She laments all the sacrifices she made and for nothing! Rosa leaves the office crying why did this have to happen to her! Her dream to be a boxer has ended.

She asks Julia what else could be done but Julia emphasizes that if she boxes she will only exacerbate the injury. Rosa cries that she wanted to buy a small house so that she could bring Rocio to live with but now that will never happen.

Julia assures her that though this path has ended, another path is sure to open. At the hospital, Oso anxiously waits to hear from Rosa. She calls and relays the bad news to a shocked Oso.

Everything has ended…her dream to be a boxer is finished. He needs to cancel her fight with La Japonesa. Julia gets the phone and tells Oso that Rosa is devastated and can’t talk; she will explain at the club. Oso rushes off to the club.

Guachin is upset but stays at the hospital. Gloria barges into Turco’s house because it is still HER house…how lucky that Turco hasn’t signed the divorce papers.

When Carrizo tries to tell her that Turco left him in charge, Gloria tells him that if he doesn’t leave, she will call the police and have him arrested for trespassing. As she gives him mere minutes to vacate, Carrizo scurries off to pack, Gloria calls her attorney.

At the club, Julia explains to Oso about Rosa’s injury. Rosa tells Oso that since she will never be able to box, she may as well go back to her hometown. He needs to call the promoter and tell him to cancel her flight. Gloria goes to pick up Santi at his school.

She tells him that she will no longer live at his grandma’s house since she can’t stand being humiliated anymore. She will live at Turco’s house until she finds a place of her own. When she tells Santi that she won’t be seeing him for a while, Santi blames it all on Julia and pleads with Gloria to take him with her; he doesn’t want to be with his father and Julia.

Her shameless manipulation of Santi is loathsome. Teresa calls Ringo to ask if Santi went with Gloria since he hasn’t gotten home yet. Ringo thinks Gloria may have taken Santi to eat; he will call her.Rosa cries to Teresa that she won’t be able to box anymore.

Mi Nina Teresa murmurs gently. Teresa has never liked boxing, but she doesn’t like someone’s dreams taken from them either. When Rosa asks for the day off, Teresa asks her not to go lock herself at her place and cry.

Brenda Alejo, Diego

Ross just wants to take a walk and think. There is more heartening news for Guevara. Dr. Ignacio tells the small, loyal group the surgery went well and there were no complications. Susana thanks Guachin under Damasio’s nosy eyes.

Oso calls Esteban and tells him that Rosa’s fight will have to be canceled. Esteban is not happy so Oso explains Rosa’s injury. Julia tells Sandra to send an announcement to all employees: effective immediately, Diego will no longer have any authority as vice-president.

The doctor tells Guevara that he can go home. He will have to wear bandages for about a week and he has to take it easy. After he thanks Susana, she goes out of the room.

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