Billionaire David Langat Properties & Networth

David Langat is the chairman and founder of DL Group of Companies and has built a diversified business empire.

David Langat, the tycoon, popularly known as DL, has made his fortune running his empire from Mombasa and has largely kept off the limelight.

David Langat is a close associate of President William Ruto and even took part in the dowry negotiations for his daughter June Ruto. Langat also reportedly financed Ruto’s political career.

Below is a glimpse of David Langat’s business empire

a) DL Teas

DL Group has invested in land acquisition and growth of purple tea, research and development, and factory designs.

DL Teas has a production capacity of about 11,000 tonnes per year making DL Teas to be among the leading tea producers in Africa.

b) DL Farms

DL Farms is pasture-based, beyond the organic farm. The farm consists of 1,000 acres under crop and 500 acres under livestock.

Africa Economic Zones Ltd (AEZ) owns a 700 Acre industrial complex located in Eldoret.

This Sh200 million SEZ is expected to house numerous industries including Agro-processing, energy-related manufacturing, machinery manufacturing and assembly, heavy engineering, construction materials, electronics, ICT, chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, R&D facilities, etc.

a) Nyali Centre

Nyali Centre is considered the coastal city’s premier shopping mall, it is a hub of business and social activity at the coast.

b) Olympia City (proposed)

Olympia City is a proposed development in the Special Economic Zone in Eldoret. It is expected to house hotels, a shopping mall, local and international schools, entertainment and recreational areas, a state-of-the-art hospital, modern hotels, and up to 4,000 residential units.

c) Ravine City (Proposed)

This is another one of DL Group’s premier real estate projects that seek to establish a city where homes, businesses, and industries will thrive.

d) Villas in Karen

The DL Group is constructing luxurious villas in Karen, one of Nairobi’s most exclusive, rustic, and urbane residential estates.

e) Thika Road Apartments

In an expansion of its residential real estate, the DL Group has constructed modern apartments along Thika Road targeting middle-income earners.

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a) Sunrise Resort Hotel, Spa & Apartments

This hotel is located in Nyali’s serene neighborhood with scenic views of the Indian Ocean.

b) The Pearl Hotel, Eldoret

The hotel is located in Kapsoya, which is less than four kilometers from Eldoret Town.

c) Kitengela Hotel

The Kitengela Hotel is located 30km from Nairobi and 130 km from the Tanzania border.

a) Solar Power

The DL Group is currently engaged in an ongoing 94 MW Project with an investment of USD170 Million (Sh24 billion).

Once complete, this will be the largest solar plant in East and Central Africa, covering an area spanning hundreds of Acres.

b) Geothermal

The DL Group is developing a Geothermal plant in Western Kenya.

a) Magal Security Systems

The DL Group has also partnered with the Magal security system of Israel in providing Design, installation, and maintenance of Integrated Security Systems in East Africa.

b) DL Furniture

The DL Group has also invested in furniture and assessors from office to home furniture.

c) Firefox

This business deals in fire fighting equipment, supply, and installations.

d) Niconat Insurance

The company provides insurance products and services for commercial and personal line clientele.

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