Helicopter price in Kenya; The Cheapest

Cheapest helicopter price in Kenya

The cheapest helicopter price in Kenya is for a radio-controlled (RC) helicopter. These are toys that are not meant for commercial or military use. They can be purchased for as little as KES 1,500 (US$15). If you are looking for a helicopter that can be used for transportation or other purposes, the cheapest option is … Read more

Billionaire David Langat Properties & Networth

Billionaire David Langat Properties

David Langat is the chairman and founder of DL Group of Companies and has built a diversified business empire. David Langat, the tycoon, popularly known as DL, has made his fortune running his empire from Mombasa and has largely kept off the limelight. David Langat is a close associate of President William Ruto and even … Read more

David Lang’at Biography, Son, Helicopter & Net Worth

David Lang’at Rift Valley Billionaire

David Lang’at is among prominent entrepreneurs and corporate executives appointed to the National Investment Council by President William Ruto, with others including alcohol tycoon Humphrey Kariuki and Head of M-Pesa Sitoyo Lopokoiyit. Lang’at is among the businessmen who backed President Ruto’s State House bid in the 2022 polls. He has, however, mostly managed to keep … Read more