RECCE Squad Qualifications, Units & Salary Per Month

In Kenya, the RECCE Squad company, commonly referred to as the Recce squad, is an elite special unit of the General Service Unit branch of the National Police Service that is based in Ruiru.

Most Kenyans did not know much about the Recce squad until recently. Indeed, the Recce squad has made headline news because of their quick response to terror attacks in several spots in Kenya.

For example, during the terror attack at Westgate, Westlands Nairobi, the Recce squad was at the center of the rescue operations. Again, the Recce squad was deployed to rescue students during the Garissa University terror attack in April 2015.

In fact, there are many other incidences of insecurity that this elite unit has helped neutralize. Sadly, a number of Recce members have lost their lives in the line of fire during these rescue missions.

Despite the risks and the intensity of the work involved in being a Recce squad member, some would love to be part of such a special team in Kenya.

For those who would like to know what it takes to be in the Recce squad, we will briefly explain below how to join Recce GSU in Kenya.


Recce Squad Commandos Units:

  • Sky Marshal Unit

The Sky Marshal Unit is highly trained to mostly deal with terrorists on a mission to hijack an aircraft in the air.

This squad unit uses undercover tactics to deal with the terrorist.

  • Crisis Response Team

The Crisis Response Team unit is one of the most flexible units, they are always 24/7 on standby to react to any critical situation that may occur in the country at any point, anywhere.

  • Rendition Operation Team

The Rendition Operation Team unit deals with any top-level security matters that may arise in the country.

The Rendition Operating Team unit receives its high-quality training and tactics in Israel and the United States.

The unit is extraordinarily qualified to deal with terrorism cases in Kenya and save the lives of innocent citizens who hold victims of a terrorist attacks.

Requirements To Join Recce Squad

First of all, Recce is a branch of the General Service Unit (GSU). This means that one must be a GSU member to join the Recce squad rescue team.

Those who join Recce must be GSU recruits who have excellent records and extraordinary abilities in their work as soldiers.

Therefore, any dream of becoming part of Recce begins with meeting the requirements to join the National Police Service.

The basic requirements include:

  • Must be a Kenyan citizen.
  • Must be 19 and 31 years of age
  • Have successfully completed High school.
  • Must be male.
  • No criminal record

Again, before proceeding to the recruitment stage, you have to undergo intensive training and get certified for the job.

Qualified and shortlisted candidates undergo more training within and outside Kenya. For example, training in countries like the US, and the UK, as well as in Israel.

During this period, these police officers train in rescue missions and operations, explosives handling, VIP protection, security gadgets installation, and many more roles.

Recce Squad Monthly Salary:

In general, the monthly average salary of a Recce Square Commando in Kenya is around Ksh. 36,000.

This salary does not include the allowances, Bonuses, and other benefits they receive per month for being in the Recce unit.

As a result, the Recce Squad unit that guards the president of Kenya receives up to Ksh. 25,000 extra depending on various factors. (duties assigned).

The other units will receive up to Ksh. 17,000 per month depending on certain factors such as duties assigned to the police.

Recce Unit Allowance:

The Recce squad unit receives monthly allowances on the following;

  • House Allowance: Ksh. 3,500 (average)
  • Ground Allowance: Ksh. 2,000 (average)

Among other allowances.

That is the average monthly salary a Recce Commando is likely to make per month, but the amount changes with, rank and duties assigned to an offer that month.

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