LESEDI Director, Geoffrey Kiragu, Faces 12 Land Fraud Charges.

Geoffrey Kiragu, who holds the position of director at the reputable real estate company Lesedi Developers, found himself in the midst of a legal ordeal. He was brought before the Thika Law Courts and charged with 12 charges, all stemming from the accusation of obtaining money through deceit.

When appearing before Senior Resident Magistrate Oscar Wanyaga, Kiragu firmly denied each of the charges brought against him. The allegations, laid out in the charge sheet claim that Kiragu engaged in a series of deceptive transactions over the course of the previous year.

While operating under the banner of Lesedi Developers Limited, he stands accused of orchestrating a scheme to defraud individuals by soliciting funds from them, all while falsely claiming to possess the ability to sell them land parcels.

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What’s startling is that the total value of these alleged fraudulent activities sums up to a substantial Ksh.5.4 million. This significant amount has left more than 100 land buyers in a state of upheaval, leading them to gather at Thika Law Courts to witness the individual who allegedly duped them by dealing in land parcels that lacked proper documentation.

In the midst of this legal tumult, Kiragu’s legal representatives, consisting of Daniel Gachau Mwangi and the experienced lawyer John Khaminwa, sought his release on bail, requesting a sum of Ksh.50,000. 

Nevertheless, the court, in its judgment, opted to detain Kiragu at Muthaiga Police Station for a minimum period of two days.

What is your perspective on the unfolding legal battle involving Geoffrey Kiragu? What potential repercussions might this case hold for the real estate industry in the region? Comment down below.

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