Why Kenyan Landlords are in Dire Misery


Covid-19 has brought dire effects on Kenyans and more so on the property owners. Statistics have shown that over 70percent of Kenyans have not been able to pay their rent dues on time. The Kenya national bureau of statistics (KNBS) conducted a national survey in April and it has revealed that there is a decline in the number of people who have been able to pay their rent on time, as the figure shows a decline from 41.7 to 31.6 percent. Among those interviewed, they claim that the reasons behind…

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How Did Kenya End up Paying sh7bn in Power Scandal?

Power Scandal

The Kenyan government has appeared to be conned after paying heavy penalties amounting to Kshs.7 billion to investors at the Lake Turkana wind power project. This was referred to as a huge scam since this form of electricity never reached Kenyans. The contract was awarded in 2014 to a Spanish company called Grupo Isolux Corsan. The penalties came forth due to a delayed completion of a 430-kilometer high voltage power line that began at the wind turbines in Lake Turkana all the way to Suswa in Narok. The overall project…

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Court Counters CS orders to Evict Landowners in Ngong Forest Row.

Ngong Forest

It is a new relief for Ngong Forest Lang’ata residents as they received orders which disabled the efforts of Environment Cs Keriako Tobiko of evicting them from the alleged grabbed Ngong forest land. The residents claI med that they legally and lawfully obtained the land thus terming the acts of the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) and the CS as illegal. This was through a petition that was certified by Justice Benard Eboso of the land court. One of the residents, Mr. Kagwanja Thuo stated in court documents that the CS…

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Is Google’s Covid-19 App Safe and Secure?

Google's Covid-19 App

Google has come up with a platform for helping the public maintain safety against COVID-19. The company has introduced a mobile app known as the “Covid-19 mobile app” which is available on all mobile handsets. The application is able to detect if the subscriber has been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19. The app allows the mobile users to subscribe and hence use a Bluetooth technology which basically works on a short-range wireless network. Two mobile subscribers are able to exchange messages while they are…

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Kenya risks a high Gamble of Losing up to sh8.9 billion in Water leakages

Water leakages

The water services regulatory board has revealed that factors like poor management, illegal connection, and lots of leakages have contributed to the country losing a lot of money. Owing to the fact that the recommended parameters for Non-revenue water (NRW) stand at 20 percent, the current reports show that it stands at 43 percent. NRW shows the difference between the amount of water allowed into the system of distribution and what is allowed for consumption. NRW recorded the least key performance indicator (KPI) after an assessment of about 88 service…

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The story of Rebecca: How I Survived the Agony of a Rough Gang In Nakuru.


The story of Rebecca, a Sudanese aged 23 years from Nakuru who was held hostage by a gang for about seven hours remains a shock to many since the gang has been undertaking it’s criminal activities in Nakuru for five years now. On Monday, June 6, Rebecca who lives is Park View estate left her house for the bank at around 2pm to deposit some cash amounting to shs.25,000 to her brother. She decided to use a Boda Boda to town only to realise that her choice landed her into…

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Why TSC Teachers Will Remain Happy Despite Being Idle Due to Covid-19 Pandemic.

TSC Teachers

Many Kenyans are in their worst financial state due to the huge negative impact of COVID -19. But for TSC teachers the case is quite different. All TSC teachers in public institutions will continue to receive their salaries while not working. The public institutions are not limited to primary schools, high schools, and the tertiary levels which include technical colleges under the government. The government has pushed forth the re-opening of pre-primary, primary, and secondary schools to January 2021. This year has been termed as a lost year for students…

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What Is The Future Of Kenyans Entrepreneurs In This Covid-19 Pandemic Look Like?

Kenyan Entrepreneurs

Covid-19 has become a nightmare for everyone everywhere, with everything crippling be it the education sector, all the way to entrepreneurship. Businesses in Kenya are facing their worst form of business cycle many of them facing the exit stage due to the huge gap between expenditures and returns, expenses gauging on a very high scale. A close look into some specific business like the hotels and restaurants, tourism sector, and more so the education sector all these have faced their worst state since clients have opted to remain indoors in…

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How Will The New Travel Rules By Transport CS impact The Spread of COVID-19?


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a big turn out for Kenya’s development especially in the transportation industry. The transportation Cabinet Secretary James Machar Ian as today 8th July issues new transportation rules which are aiming at curbing the harsh COVID-19. At a press briefing in Nairobi, Cs James has stated that any traveler who arrive in Kenya and fails to show symptoms of COVID-19, there will be no mandatory quarantine for the person. The company also stated that except for instances of special attention, airports will only be limited to…

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New Dawn For Amina Mohamed As She Is Nominated for World Trade Organization (WTO) Top Job.

Amina Mohamed

It is joy unspeakable for the sports cabinet secretary Amina Mohamed as Kenya nominates her for the position of Director-General for World Trade Organization (WTO). Having lost the contest seven years ago, Amina Mohamed is in total confidence to get the position as she will be contesting against five others, two being Africans. On 7th July the WTO just announced that they have received the submission of Amina Mohamed’s candidature by the Kenyan government. In 2013 Amina lost the position to Mr. Azevedo while she was serving the Kenyan government…

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