Advantages and Disadvantages of Living In Nairobi

Like every city, Nairobi is a heaven on earth if you do have money, and worsens as you get broke, but I figured this might not be your major concern, so I’ll stick to factors like security, weather, and cost/standard of living.

I’ve stayed in Nairobi for six years now and I can confess that pickpockets are just too notorious, you have to be very aware of your small valuables like phones(majorly), watches, and anything else that shouts is worth stealing as you maneuver crowded streets.

In early 2018, the situation had escalated to daylight robbery, but the government was swift to take action. However, not all places in the city are such, residential (i cannot give my word for the slums) and uptown are safe.

Traffic is also a big deal, as much as the government is working to improve roads by increasing the number of highways, it just doesn’t get any better.

So if you have a very important meeting in the CBD and you intend to get there by road, I suggest you start your journey two hours earlier.

Traffic congestion however eases as the day advances, as in, there is less traffic in the afternoons compared to mornings and evenings.

Nairobi’s weather does not get extreme, it usually lies between cold in the rainy season and hot when it’s sunny. A lot of rain however affects the city and some places may end up experiencing floods, usually mild.

As for the cost of living, it caters to everyone, because how much you spend depends on where you live and do your shopping.

For instance, groceries could go for up to 3 times the standard cost in high-end residential areas. But for a minimum of Ksh. 500 ($5) you get a well-balanced meal for a day.

The main challenge for any Nairobian that doesn’t own a house is rent, I can say housing is quite expensive, a good neighborhood and a good house for the lowest rent will cost you about Ksh. 18,000 ($180) a month excluding water, waste, and electricity bills. (Houses do not come furnished) such a house is self-contained with two bedrooms.

You can also get a house for as low as Ksh. 1600 ($16), but the houses themselves explain really well why they’re that cheap.

I hope its of help.

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