Aduda Salutes Mwendwa For Presiding Over Major Changes In Football

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) presidential aspirant Lordvick Aduda says that the incumbent Nick Mwendwa deserves a pat on the back for presiding over some notable changes in the local football scene.

While fielding questions from hosts of a radio show at a local station, Aduda nevertheless pointed out that Mwendwa’s major failures wouldn’t pass unnoticed. This, he added, was the main reason that prompted him and other candidates to join the race for FKF president so that they may get an opportunity to rectify all the ills currently bedevilling the country’s football.

“The reality is that compared to the past, we have witnessed marked improvement in the way football is managed in the country ,” said Aduda.

While lauding Mwendwa’s efforts in making some pertinent positive adjustments especially with regards to management, Aduda pulled no punches at all in castigating him also for doing absolutely nothing to develop football in the country.

If given a chance to preside over the activities of the federation, Aduda says he’ll expend his energy to develop football from the grassroots up-to the national stage, adding that Mwendwa had fallen short in that area.

“If elected, I would place much emphasis on grassroots football because that is where talent is tapped. Football is an industry and the way you obtain raw materials, how you process them and the final product you come up with matters quite a lot,” he said.

He promises to work closely with football stakeholders to deliver a more improved structure that will witness the growth and development of clubs plying their trade in local leagues.

“If we join efforts to develop football in Kenya the better it will be for us. Honestly speaking, we are investing too much in the national teams while neglecting local clubs.”

Kenya Should Capitalize On Big Tournaments To Sell Its Products

Harambee Stars players celebrate a goal during an Africa Cup of Nations qualifier in 2019.

The country, he adds, should capitalize on big tournaments such as the Africa Cup of Nations by showcasing local talent. He however asserts that what will be seen out there will largely depend on the depth of investment.

“Big stages like Africa Cup of Nations are fairs where people come to view products from Kenya. For us to present our best we must pull resources together at the grassroots level.”

Aduda has issues with the manner in which funds meant for football have been put to use in the past, and falls short of accusing Mwendwa’s administration of embezzling funds.

“If we succeed in arresting misuse of funds and effect laws of funds allocation, we are bound to benefit in the end. The only way to redress graft is to adhere to procedures. My understanding, is that we receive a lot of money from Fifa which we need to channel towards technical training for referees and the development of women football.”

FKF – KPL Endless Disputes Prompted By Integrity Issues

FKF President Nick Mwendwa (left) and KPL CEO Jack Oguda during a press conference.

Concerning the protracted wrangles pitting the federation against the Kenyan Premier League (KPL), says that the bone of contention has always been accountability. Although, clubs part with huge amounts in facilitating player registration, Aduda wonders what happens to all the revenue raised.

“Right from the day we founded KPL, the accountability has always been a big challenge. Clubs were paying participation and registration fees. Registering one new player required one to pay KSh7000. The clubs kept asking where all this money kept going because at some point even referees were not being paid.”

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