Loan Apps approved by the Central Bank of Kenya

This year, Google Play Store adopted a new policy requiring loan apps in Kenya to be approved by the regulator, the Central Bank. This was meant to curb Kenyans from fraudulent loan apps. Earlier last year, the Central Bank had also required that these apps provide information on their sources of funds, to prevent bad players from illegal business … Read more

Best Loan Apps Without CRB Check In Kenya

Loan Apps Without CRB

Loan Apps Without CRB Check: All lenders must know their customers and part of the process is checking whether a customer is a promising loanee. That is where the CRB comes in. CRB stands for Credit Reference Bureau, an entity mandated to collect information about your credit history and provide this to lenders. Last year, … Read more

Best 10 Loan Apps In Kenya Without Registration Fees

Loan Apps In Kenya Without Registration Fees

There are several loan apps in Kenya that offer short-term mobile loans instantly. However, not all are convenient as some charge high interest and request registration fees. Well, this article will help you save time by highlighting the best loan apps in Kenya that don’t request registration fees. 1. Zenka Zenka is one of the best … Read more

Best 10 Mobile Loan Apps In Kenya You Can Trust

Mobile Loan Apps; Since most people are unable to keep up with the interest that comes with bank loans, they have opted for mobile loan apps. There are no tedious processes to using mobile loan apps as compared to banks in receiving credit after applying for it. This article will show you the best money-lending … Read more