Top 10 Reliable Loan Apps In South Africa

In South Africa, the rise of technology has made it convenient for individuals to access loans through various mobile applications. These loan apps provide quick and reliable solutions for individuals in need of financial assistance. This article presents the top 10 reliable loan apps in South Africa, highlighting their key features, eligibility criteria, and repayment … Read more

Top 10 Reliable Loan Apps In Algeria

Top 10 Reliable Loan Apps In Algeria

In Algeria, loan apps have gained popularity as convenient and accessible platforms for obtaining loans. These apps provide quick and hassle-free loan disbursal, often with minimal documentation requirements. However, it is crucial to choose reliable loan apps to ensure a secure and trustworthy borrowing experience. In this article, we will explore the top 10 reliable … Read more

Loan Apps approved by the Central Bank of Kenya

This year, Google Play Store adopted a new policy requiring loan apps in Kenya to be approved by the regulator, the Central Bank. This was meant to curb Kenyans from fraudulent loan apps. Earlier last year, the Central Bank had also required that these apps provide information on their sources of funds, to prevent bad players from illegal business … Read more

32 Digital Credit Lenders Get CBK Approval To Operate In Kenya

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has licensed 10 additional digital credit lenders, bringing to 32 the total number of providers cleared to operate in the country. CBK said in a statement on Monday that it had received 401 applications since March last year and that other applications are at different stages in the licensing … Read more

New Loan apps in Kenya to Try 2023

My Faiba Number Online

The digital Loan apps are getting fuller by the day with mobile lenders cropping up every other day. Startups are great yes, but. In Africa, especially Kenya,  the desired ground zero for all things new business. How do we pick the wheat from the chaff? CBK has had to impose regulations on digital lenders by … Read more

Loan Apps in Kenya Without CRB Check And Registration Fee

Loan Apps in Kenya Without CRB Check And Registration Fee

All lenders have to know their customers, and part of the process is checking whether a customer is a promising loanee or not, this can be done through CRB. That is where the CRB comes in. CRB stands for Credit Reference Bureau, an entity mandated to collect information about your credit history and provides this … Read more

Top 11 Best Mobile Loan App in Kenya for Android, iOS devices

Best Mobile Loan App

This context will take you through the best mobile loan app in Kenyans. Customers who feel constrained financially can take the help of these loan apps and repay anytime at their convenience. 1. iPesa Loan iPesa loan app is the number one reliable and secured application that grants its applicants a personal loan. The application … Read more