Loan Apps approved by the Central Bank of Kenya

This year, Google Play Store adopted a new policy requiring loan apps in Kenya to be approved by the regulator, the Central Bank. This was meant to curb Kenyans from fraudulent loan apps.

Earlier last year, the Central Bank had also required that these apps provide information on their sources of funds, to prevent bad players from illegal business like money laundering.

As of the end of March 2023, only 32 Apps have received a license from the Central Bank. Google has gone ahead to delete hundreds of Apps from the Play Store. They may only be reinstated once the Central Bank gives them licenses to operate.

These are the approved loan apps in Kenya currently;-

  1. Anjoy Credit Limited
  2. Asante FS East Africa Limited
  3. Ceres Tech Limited
  4. Colkos Enterprises Limited
  5. EDOMX Limited
  6. Extend Money Service Limited
  7. Fourth Generation Capital Limited
  8. Getcash Capital Limited
  9. Giando Africa Limited (Trading as Flash Credit Africa)
  10. Inventure Mobile Limited (Trading as Tala)  
  11. Jijenge Credit Limited
  12. Jumo Kenya Limited
  13. Kweli Smart Solutions Limited
  14. Letshego Kenya Ltd.
  15. Little Pesa Limited
  16. MFS Technologies Limited
  17. M-Kopa Loan Kenya Limited 
  18. Mwanzo Credit Limited 
  19. Mycredit Limited
  20. MyWagepay Limited
  21. Natal Tech Company Limited
  22. Ngao Credit Limited
  23. Pezesha Africa Limited
  24. Rewot Ciro Limited
  25. Risine Credit Limited  
  26. Sevi Innovation Limited
  27. Sokohela Limited
  28. Tenakata Enterprises Limited
  29. Umoja Fanisi Limited
  30. Zanifu Limited
  31. Zenka Digital Limited

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This list will be updated once more companies are licensed by the Central Bank. It is imperative to ensure that you only work with apps that are licensed to ensure your data is safe and that your interests are well controlled.

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