Mamba Village, Mombasa; Meet Man Who Owns

Crocodile Farm Located in Nyali, and occupying 17 acres lies the largest crocodile farm in Africa. Mamba Crocodile Farm popularly known as Mamba Village is owned by former Nyali Member of Parliament, Hezron Awiti.

The expansive farm was opened five decades ago. According to the investor, the farm is worth more than Ksh250 million. In 1995, Mr. Awiti bought the farm from a foreigner who used it mainly as a tourist site. 

Initially, the farm used to be a quarry and a dumpsite before it was converted into a conservation area for crocodiles. The legislator then switched to commercial farming after he learned that crocodile skins were a lucrative business in overseas markets.

Hezron exports the skins to markets such as Japan, Israel, and South Africa. A crocodile-skin Birkin handbag could cost anything from Ksh3 million to Ksh30 million. The farm slaughters between 1,000 and 1,800 crocodiles a year. 

The Mamba Village features an all-inclusive tour as well as presentations on the life cycle and behavior of crocodiles. An adult crocodile can weigh up to 800 kilograms and grow five meters long. The most famous crocodile here is named ‘Big Daddy’.

It was brought to Mamba Crocodile Farm in 1986 after killing five people in River Tana. Mamba Village has more than 10,000 crocodiles including the younger ones aged one year to the oldest crocodile ‘Big Daddy’.

The Mamba Village has 21 ponds with the largest ones having the capacity to house more than 1,000 crocodiles.

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Apart from these attractions, the farm also houses a Snake Park, Museum, Fish Farm, and Aquarium. Along with this, it also houses a botanical garden and a horse and camel riding area.

Crocodile meat tastes like fish or pork and it is even crispier according to online reviews. A quarter of a kilo of crocodile meat costs Ksh1,000 at the Mamba Restaurant as per their 2017 rates, while two pieces of mishkaki with accompaniments cost Ksh500.

You can also buy crocodile meat to prepare at home at the farm. A kilo of fresh crock meat ranges between Ksh4,000 and Ksh5,000 at the restaurant.

A crocodile aged between four to five years is sold at more than Ksh20,000 while those aged above 10 years fetch between Ksh40,000 and Ksh50,000 depending on the length and health of the skin.

The female crocodiles at the farm lay between seven and 77 eggs in a season. The farm breeds crocodiles using an incubator where they put eggs collected to hatch. 

Mamba Village Mombasa Activities

Here are Things to do at Mombasa Mamba Village

1. Camel Riding

Experience a memorable and unique Somali camel ride at the headquarters of the camels, “Mamba Desert Express.”

2. Horse Riding

Every day from 8 am to 6 pm, riding lessons and beach riding tours are available.

3. Botanical Garden

The Botanical Section entails a variety of plant species, mostly tropical plant species. They have a carnivorous plant called the pitcher plant that feeds on insects as well as plants that grow on other plants.

Mamba Village, Mombasa Hezron Awiti.

They have provided tags with all relevant information regarding each plant species. Water lilies in a pond with great scenery of flowing water and fish.

They have also designated an area in our garden for picnics or camping activities for families, couples, and individuals who need alone time or for team building. Tree seedlings are available for sale at affordable prices.

4. Boat Rides

Beyond the crocodile inhabitants of Mamba Village, there is an ostrich enclosure and a giraffe pen. In the center of Mamba Village, there is also a sizable lake where you can hire paddle boats or go boating (100 Kenya Shillings for adults, 50 Kenya Shillings for children).

5. Mamba Restaurant

The Croco Villa Restaurant Offers Elegant Ambiance while having mouth-watering dishes expertly prepared by our well-trained Chefs. The restaurant also offers a magnificent view of the crocodile farm (that is what Croco Restaurant Stands for).

At the Croco, Villa Restaurant enjoys the Crocodile Steak which is a Delicacy among the many visitors that visit the Restaurant.

6. Snake Park

In this section, they have snake species that have been kept in enclosures for public viewing, from the smallest Eastern-stripe bellied sand snake to the largest and most powerful snake in our exhibition, the Central African rock python.

Visitors will also have an opportunity to handle and take photos with non-venomous snakes. They also have tortoise species namely; the Leopard tortoise and the Speke’s hinged tortoise, visitors can pet them as well, if they wish to.

7. Fish Farm and Aquarium

Fish Farm and Aquarium have several fish species both marine (e.g. frogfish, silver moon fish, etc.) and freshwater (e.g. Tilapia), which are kept for public display.

One will get an opportunity to see some of the rarest and most unique fish species (e.g. Barracuda), and some sure, you have never come across

Mamba Village Mombasa Feeding Time

The crocodiles at Mamba Village Crocodile Farm are fed daily at 5 p.m., and visitors can watch them jump high into the air to grab chunks of meat, making the afternoon the best time to visit.

Mamba Village Mombasa Entry Charges

AdultKsh 350
ChildKsh 200
Adult Ksh 800
Child Ksh 400

Mamba Village School Trips Package

  • Nursery Ksh.50 per child
  • Primary Ksh.100 per child
  • Secondary Ksh.150 per student
  • Colleges/University Ksh.200 per student

Mamba Village Photography Charges 

  • Photo session Ksh 1,500
  • Video shooting Ksh 3,500

Mamba Village Mombasa Contacts

Phone: 0746 010 818

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