Njugush And Wakavinye House, Multimillion Shilling Beautiful House

Blessed Njugush and his wife, Celestine Ndinda, are famous for representing a typical Kenyan home and have taught us a lot about ourselves and current affairs through satire.

The duo’s humble beginnings started on campus, and the couple to date is a big inspiration to the younger generation. Their passion as comedians has brought them fame, money, and status.

I pursued Celestine for over three years, and when she was ready for the interview, the team and I were at their home at dawn. The fresh air and great views were refreshing on our way to their home in Ruiru.

Their story is inspiring, and we were curious to know more about their journey in owning a home. 

Blessed Njugush and Celestine bought their plot in Ruiru in 2017. They moved into the incomplete home in 2019 as things then were tough for them.

Celestine informed me that the floor was not cemented and that they had only built two rooms when moving in. “When I went for a pedicure, my feet often would be dusty to the point where my beautician would wonder why I play with dust,” she said.

Buying construction materials was equally hard. Her husband was conned; to date, he has never seen the lorry of sand he bought. Fortunately, their parents offered to help with that service, which immensely helped.

When Celestine ushered the crew and me into her five-bedroom home, it was remarkable to see how it had transformed – it was elegant and stylish.

A neutral pallet on all the walls in the house gives the space a relaxed, fresh, and modern feel. The grey luxury sink-in sofas, orange and white cushions, and grey plush carpet add glamour and make the space inviting.

They recently bought the grey sofa sets. Celestine shared that life has not been easy for them. Once in a while, fleas would infest their old sofas sets because of their dogs, and with her husband, they would often move the family somewhere else to fumigate.

Comedian Njugush Multimillion Shilling Beautiful House

The TV table’s long stand decorated with Christmas decorations was perfect for the Christmas season. Art pieces inspired by nature displayed on the walls exuded a pop of color on the white walls and a continuous, seamless beauty on their corridor.

There is an elevated angular double ceiling and an indoor balcony. The small window next to the ceiling is a fantastic and aesthetically pleasing feature. The gorgeous chandeliers and trendy light fixtures were an attractive backdrop.

The luxury cream heavy curtains made to measure looked glamorous. Celestine informed me that an expert helped her make the very expensive curtains. “Have you ever gone to Eastleigh to have your curtains stitched and sat down there a whole day? I swore never to try that again. I paid for convenience,” she said.

Seeing that the Christmas season is here, their Christmas tree was huge and beautifully decorated with snow-like decorations. She jokingly told me that it snows in Ruiru, and I could not help but laugh out loud.


When I asked why she did not do her interior décor, Celestine said, “My husband – Njugush did most of the interior décor, and we also got help from experts who are also our friends.”

With great humor, she informs me that she tried to help with the decor, but her Kamba taste was not working. In the same breath, I ask about her touch in the house. She says she is the pillar and holds the family together. She cooks for them; she does not love cooking.

The console table at the entrance adorned with Christmas decorations looked amazing. They do fine dining once in a while, Celestine reveals when I ask her about their beautiful dining table and chairs.

Their kitchen is clean, spacious, sophisticated, and perfect with fitted appliances with grey slab cabinets, and a terrazzo floor. 

As I was busy admiring the kitchen, I was drawn to her chicken coup. The couple keeps chicken and Celestine enjoys rearing them. Thoughtful and generous, she gave us organic eggs to take home.

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