Meet Wilson Nashon Kanani Who Owns Club 1824, Wealth & Business

Club 1824 Whiskey Bar and Lounge are one of the most popular entertainment joints in Kenya located on Lang’ata Road. The club has established its name in the entertainment industry and it has been operational for numerous years.

The club has hit headlines severally for numerous reasons, both positive and negative. During the Covid period in 2020, the club was among other entertainment joints that were hit by the sudden closure of bars and restaurants which was aimed at reducing the rate of transmission.

However, despite the closure, the club would later hit the headlines after video clips of people enjoying drinks in the middle of the pandemic surfaced online. The club was then raided on November 17th, 2020 by the police.

Following the raid, police cited that the club was not complying with the covid 19 rules and regulations thus the closure of the club.

The decision was challenged by the owners of the club moving the matters to court through their lawyer.

So, with all said and done, who owns club 1824 Whiskey Bar? Well, the club is owned by a city tycoon by the name of Wilson Nashon Kanani and operates under Seventeen Forty-Nine Ltd which is considered to be the parent of the 1824 club.

Who is Nashon Kanani?

Wilson Nashon Kanani is a Kenyan businessman who hit the headlines a few months ago after it was discovered the wealthy businessman was an active employee at City Hall. Kanan’s name came into the limelight in 2020 after the club went to court demanding for the reopening of the club.

However, in 2020 he was in the spotlight for all right reasons, however, in December 2022. Kanani emerged to be on the radar of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission. Kanani who is believed to be a wealthy businessman turned out to be an active worker at CityHall earning a monthly salary of Ksh 55k.

The equation of how he managed to convert his 55k salary to millions was left unanswered by the EACC-learned fellows. After they failed to connect the dots, they decided to invite him over so that he can help them solve the puzzle.

On his arrival, Kanani didn’t have the correct answers to the question he was asked, making him a suspect of fraudulent acts.

Wilson Nashon Kanani Wealth and Other Businesses

Following a close investigation of his wealth it was discovered that Kanani was worth Ksh 100 million. Club 1824 earns him approximately Ksh 5 million a month, additionally, during the investigation it was discovered the account of his two underage children had Ksh 3.56 million.

Aside from owning club 1824 and working as an employee for Nairobi County, where he was assigned the role of monitoring outdoor advertisements. Kanani also runs a string of businesses which include rental properties in Busia county. He also owns numerous apartments in Lang’ata and Kahawa.

Despite this, the government has termed his wealth as a proceed of corruption and he must face the law.

Court Freezing Kanani’s Account

Following a thorough investigation by the EACC, Kanani was taken to court where the judge of the High Court froze his accounts as they conduct further investigation. The court froze a total amount of Ksh 48 million which was held in different accounts belonging to him.

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