Martha Karua is Networth Updated 2023

The Azimio deputy presidential candidate Martha Karua made the revelation Tuesday during the deputy presidential debate held at the Catholic University for East Africa (CUEA) in Nairobi.

“I think just about Sh150 million and that is because the Sh56 million I had declared in 2013 has appreciated because of the inflation,” Karua said.

“I haven’t had any new properties but I’m a person many may not understand. I have no thirst for land, I’m not thirsty for worldly goods,” Karua added.

“You’ve brought up the question of wealth declaration, what are you worth honorable Karua?” moderator Sophia Wanuna asked.

She denied owning any land in Kirinyaga county saying she is content with what she has.

“I do not have an iota of public land anywhere,” Karua said in response to allegations by UDA running mate Rigathi Gachagua that she owns land in South Gariama.

“And I challenged the current administration that is in power in Kirinyaga that if there is truth to that allegation then they must swiftly take me to court.”

Karua said the only land she owns in Kenya is the one her house stands on in Nairobi and her upcountry home on her father’s land.

When questioned about the source of funding for Azimio campaigns, the former Justice Minister said they rely on donations.


“We had a fundraiser just the other day but the donations are a continuous process. The Azimio campaign secretariat is keeping tabs,” Karua said.

Martha Karua Corruption Allegation

She further denied claims that the money donated to her from BAT was sourced through corrupt means.

Karua said the funds were wired by a donor to fund her 2013 presidential campaigns.

“It was money paid to my campaign secretariat by a donor, not paid to my personal account,” Karua said.

“Later it transpired that it was money from a company,” she added clarifying that she never mixes campaign funds with her personal monies.

Karua said the BAT matter was investigated in the UK and the case was closed.

She said she also challenged the DPP to probe the matter in 2016 and she was never found criminally liable.

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