CS Ezekiel Machogu Biography, Education, Career, Salary & Networth

Ezekiel Machogu is one of the Cabinet Secretaries appointed by President William Ruto, he holds the powerful ministry of education. He is a little-known Kisii politician who contested as a governor of Kisii County but he was defeated by Simba Arati.

Ezekiel Machogu Educational Background,

In  1970, Ezekiel Ombaki attended Nduru High School for his O–Level Certificate. Upon completion, in 1974, he proceeded to Agoro Sare High School for his Level Certificate.

Between 1976 and 1979, Ezekiel Ombaki attended the University of Nairobi to acquire a Bachelor of Arts. He didn’t further his education beyond the undergraduate level.

In 1976, Ezekiel Machogu secured a job at the Office of the President as a District Officer. In 1989 he was appointed District Commissioner, a job he performed until 2008.

Between 2008 and 2016, he worked at the Public Service Commission as a Senior Deputy Secretary.

In 2017, Ezekiel Ombaki joined the Kenya National Assembly as a Member of Parliament for Nyaribari Masaba Constituency.


Ezekiel Machogu’s age and tribe

CS Ezekiel Machogu Ombaki is 66 years old – in the prime of his politics. He is of the Kisii tribe from Nyaribari Masaba Constituency, Kisii County.

Popular figures from his ancestral homeplace include the late Simeon Nyachae, Prof Sam Ongeri, and Dr. Hezron Manduku.

Ezekiel Machogu’s career and politics

Machogu bounced into the career market in 1976 as a District Officer. He later became a District Commissioner until 2008. After that, he became a Senior Deputy Secretary for the Public Service Commission until 2016.

In 2017, CS Machogu succeeded Hon Elijah Moindi as the Member of Parliament in the Nyaribari Masaba Constituency.

He amassed victory with the National Agenda Party of Kenya (NAPK) Party but has since joined the ruling UDA Party.

Ezekiel Machogu’s salary

Education CS Machogu Ezekiel earns a whooping Ksh. 924, 000 every month. The six-figure salary does not include all the lucrative allowances accrued to a government official of his caliber.

Ezekiel Machogu Net Worth

Working as a Member of Parliament in Kenya, Ezekiel Ombaki earns a monthly basic taxable salary of Kshs. 532,500 plus a number of allowances, thus Ezekiel Ombaki gets an average minimum gross salary of Ksh1,378, 000 and these allowances include mileage, sitting, and responsibility perks though Ezekiel Ombaki’s estimated net worth for the year 2020 is still under review and will be updated as soon as it’s available.

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