Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Salary and Allowances

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) focuses on the conservation and management of wildlife. This wildlife has promoted various things in the country such as job creation, and the source of tourist attractions leading to the country earning more revenue, among others.

KWS are very important persons in Kenya. Have you been wondering what is work of KWS in Kenya is?

The roles of KWS in Kenya include:

  1. Conserve and manage wildlife in Kenya.
  2. Provide security for wildlife and visitors in the national park, wildlife conservations, etc.
  3. Coordination and implementation of ecosystem plans.
  4. Promote commercial activities in order to achieve wildlife conservation.
  5. Collect revenue from tourists in order to promote the country’s economy.
  6. Establish Forensic laboratories.

So, what is the KWS salary in Kenya? The basic salary of a KWS officer in Kenya is Ksh.37,890 per month excluding allowances.


KWS officers’ salaries in Kenya vary drastically depending on factors such as KWS ranger’s ranks, work experience, gender, location, and level of education among others.

KWS Education Centre

KWS runs a plethora of education centers. They include the following;

  • Nairobi Safari Walk
  • Nairobi Education Centre
  • Lake Nakuru Education Centre
  • Tsavo East Education Centre
  • Tsavo West Education Centre

These education centers are all cited within the National Parks and their programs are tailored toward encouraging the populace to cater to their environment.

Though the programs are open to all, their main targets are the locals, especially school groups.

Rank Structure at KWS

The rank structure within the Kenya Wildlife Services is quite distinct from what you would get in organized commands like the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force under the Kenya Defense Force.

In KWS, the staff is categorized into different departments according to their job functions. We have:

  • Soldiers
  • Assistant Researchers
  • Laboratory Technologists
  • Laboratory Assistants
  • Systems Analysts
  • Statistical Assistants
  • Accounts Assistants
  • Customer Care Assistants
  • Communications Unit
  • Park Rangers
  • Civil/Structural Engineers/Contractors
  • Marketing Executives
  • Community Relations and Outreach Assistants/Contractors
  • Drivers
  • IT Managers
  • Security Officers

KWS Recruitment Salary

Newly recruited graduates in KWS earn a salary range of Ksh.50,000 to Ksh.75,000 per month with allowances

Newly recruited rangers earn a salary range of Ksh.25,000 to Ksh. 50,000 per month including all allowances.

  • Fresh Recruits (this category came in as graduates) – earn Ksh55,000 – Ksh75,000
  • Laboratory Assistant – earns about Ksh10K on average monthly
  • IT Manager – earns about Ksh290K – Ksh314K monthly average
  • Accounts Assistant – earns about Ksh24K – Ksh26K average monthly
  • Accountants – earn Ksh45,000 – Ksh90, 000 average monthly
  • Senior accountants – earn at least Ksh120,000 on average monthly
  • Communications Unit – earn Ksh24K – Ksh26K average monthly
  • Park Rangers – earn about Ksh25,000 – Ksh50,000 on average monthly
  • Experienced game rangers – earn Ksh65,000 – Ksh180,000
  • Scouts – earn Ksh15,000 – Ksh25,000
  • Civil/Structural Engineer/Contractor – earns about Ksh29K – Ksh31K average monthly
  • Marketing Executive – earns about Ksh66K – Ksh72K average monthly
  • Community Relations and Outreach Assistant/Contractor – earns about Ksh24K – Ksh26K average monthly
  • Drivers – earn about Ksh29K – Ksh31K monthly average
  • Security Officer – earn about Ksh14K – Ksh16K monthly average
  • KWS boasts of conservationists, scientists, ecologists, and researchers with Ph.D. qualifications – this category of staff earns between Ksh200,000 – Ksh300,000.
  • The Director is the one who wields the big stick at KWS and is equally the highest earner – the monthly salary range for this level falls between Ksh1.5 million to Ksh 1.6 million.

KWS Community Scouts Salary In Kenya

KWS Community Scouts assist in wildlife conservation in the country.

KWS Community Scouts’ salary per month ranges from as low as Ksh.15,000 to as high as Ksh.25,000 on a monthly basis.

KWS community scouts’ salary structure is based on the level of the KWS scout.

The workers do get promoted but it is not done according to education level, and neither is it based on an employee’s competence.


Wildlife is the source of wealth within and outside the Kenyan borders. With the aid of Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Kenya has been able to conserve and manage wildlife for both security purposes and commercial purposes as well.

Besides, joining KWS requires minimum qualifications yet pays a high salary on a monthly basis.

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