Johnson Mwakazi Struggles After Leaving Royal Media Services

When Citizen TV hired Johnson Mwakazi to serve as the news anchor for the Morning Breakfast show, he quickly became well-known. He is renowned for his wit and attention to detail. He stands out from the crowd thanks to his throaty, deep voice. He is not only a news anchor, but he also provides a fantastic voice for many TV ads.

Even though he didn’t yet have a journalism degree, it was his voice that got him a job at RMS in the first place.

He was born and reared in Kibera, Johnson Mwakazi in a previous interview claimed that he experienced hardship as a child and that after graduating from high school, things at home only became worse when his mother lost her job. Mwakazi turned to the Kenya National Theatre (KNT) in search of acting jobs to make ends meet.

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When Mwakazi left Royal Media Services (RMS) in 2013 in search of better opportunities, he was at the pinnacle of his career.

Johnson Mwakazi described how he joined WTV (Wholesome TV) and invested his money, regularly arriving early and departing late, but the company was forced to close its doors after just three years.

Mwakazi revealed his struggle with pornography addiction and said a friend had first exposed him to the sin.

He claimed that many drug users were perhaps initiated into the habit and are unable to break free. He urged parents to act before their kids are exposed to unfamiliar things by strangers. “Be open to these issues and really speak about your stand,” Mwakazi said.

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