How To Conceive a Baby Boy

Baby Boy

Scientifically, the gender of the baby is determined by chromosomes, which are located in the DNA. Females have two X chromosomes (XX) while males have one X chromosome and Y chromosome.

During conception, both males and females contribute 50% of the chromosomes. Since all the eggs in the woman contain X chromosomes, it’s the man who determines the gender of the baby.

If a chromosome with Y chromosomes fertilizes the eggs, the embryo will be a Baby Boy. If a chromosome with an X chromosome fertilizes the egg, the embryo will be a girl.

However, with modern technology you can use these strategies to conceive a baby girl or a baby girl.

1) In vitro fertilization (IVF)

IVF is a type of reproductive technology that assist couple with infertility issues. This procedure is done by retrieving eggs from woman’s ovaries and fertilizing them with male gametes in a tube. A fertilized egg is called embryo which is then implanted in the woman’s uterus.

2) Deep Penetration 

Depositing male gametes closer to the uterus increases the chances of conceiving a Baby Boy. This is because Y chromosomes swim faster than X chromosomes.

3) Ovulation 

Ovulation is the release of an egg from the ovary into the fallopian tube. It occurs between 13th- and 15th day of each menstruation cycle. For example, if the length of your cycle is 30 days, the ovulation day is the 15th day if the cycle. 

Scientists argue that if you copulate on the ovulation day, you’ll conceive a baby boy since Y chromosomes swim faster than X chromosomes.

On the other hand, if you copulate 3 days before ovulation day, you might conceive a baby girl since X chromosomes stay alive longer than Y chromosomes.

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