7 Tips To Conceive A Baby Girl

baby girl

TweetShareSharePin55 Shares Maybe you already had a boy and now you want a baby girl. Maybe you are yearning for a mini-you that you can dress up in princess dresses and take along with you to the salon. If you are looking to get pregnant with a girl, here are fun tricks to try and shift the scales to your favour: 1. The right Timing  First, you need to understand the qualities of the female sperm. These may not swim as fast as the male sperms but they are more…

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How To Conceive a Baby Boy

Baby Boy

TweetShareSharePin55 Shares Scientifically, the gender of the baby is determined by chromosomes, which are located in the DNA. Females have two X chromosomes (XX) while males have one X chromosome and Y chromosome. During conception, both males and females contribute 50% of the chromosomes. Since all the eggs in the woman contain X chromosomes, it’s the man who determines the gender of the baby. If a chromosome with Y chromosomes fertilizes the eggs, the embryo will be a Baby Boy. If a chromosome with an X chromosome fertilizes the egg,…

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