Meet Kawira Papa Shiradula Ex-Husband-Ephantus Safari

The tumultuous relationship between actress Kawira, known for her role in Papa Shirandula, and her husband Ephantus Safari took a dramatic turn in 2022 when the couple publicly accused each other online. Recently, Ephantus Safari shed light on the factors that initially drew him to the actress and the events that ultimately led to their separation.

Among the revelations, he disclosed the heartbreaking decision they made to terminate their first pregnancy, which was medically deemed a blighted ovum.

Ephantus Safari fondly recollected the qualities that had initially endeared Kawira to him. Their journey began in 2013 when they crossed paths during a significant event at St. Andrews Nairobi. They were searching for an MC who could connect with the students, and considering Kawira’s television persona as a student, she appeared to be the perfect choice.

It was during this event that Ephantus Safari was captivated by Kawira’s demeanor and her stage presence. Reflecting on the early days of their relationship, Safari revealed a fateful remark he made to his colleagues saying that Kawira would soon be the mother of his children.

” The following day, going to the office, I told them, ‘ You see that lady I gave a lift yesterday, she will be the mother to my kids. ‘ ” He recounted.

Yet, as their relationship progressed, they faced challenges. Safari pointed out that their plan was initially to wait two years before having children, considering their youth and desire to pursue their aspirations. However, their path took an unex

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Their doctor advised them to terminate the pregnancy. Fortunately, two months later, their fortunes changed, and they were blessed with triplets. In addition to their pregnancy struggles, Safari discussed another significant factor that contributed to their marital turmoil.

He mentioned that Kawira’ s mother’s move into their home after the birth of their child made it difficult for them to resolve their issues independently.

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