Meet Akothee First Husband – Jared Okello

Just Married Kenyan singer and CEO Esther Akoth alias Akothee has shared little-known details about her marriage to ex-husband Jared Okello.

Taking to Instagram, the singer, arguably Kenya’s richest female entertainer, stated that she has no inkling as to why her marriage to the father of her three daughters; Vesha, Rue, and Fancy, ended.

Akothee posted that while there were sparks of romance in the relationship formalized at Awendo SDA Church, she discovered intimacy years after she parted ways with Okello in 2006.

“I just don’t know why this love ended see romance, just imagine I didn’t even have any idea of sex, I was just showing up in bed.

I discovered sex in 2010. Jared should try me now haki. The ambulance should be packed downstairs, a patient will be visiting the doctors, and that patient is not me.

“I really feel like I should show him my new styles and the things I learned on earth after I left. I have advanced. God bless you and your family,” posted Akothee.

Sharing more of the tumultuous period, Akothee in 2019 disclosed that Okello, her then high school sweetheart, would sneak from school to visit her in the hospital after she gave birth to Vesha.


“Vesha was premature, I stayed in the hospital for four months. Jared was still at Kanyawanga Boys, he would sneak from school and come to see me in the hospital. He even bought me a Walkman to listen to music, this was love, no social media or anything, we were showing off new clothes in church.”

On Father’s Day – Sunday, 21 June 2020 – the Yuko Moyoni crooner celebrated Jared Okello, an accountant by profession, as her first love.

“Happy Father’s Day to my first love at the age of 14, the father of my three beautiful, intelligent, disciplined girls. Thank you very much for the gifts of life my love, you have been a true blessing to my life, for me to be called a mother. I wish my baby daddy all the best in life, may God be with him,” posted the self-styled president of single mothers.

Commenting on the marriage date itself, Akothee shared a throwback photo of them at the altar of the said church and captioned, “Weh, my friend! I was legally married in a church, don’t see me twerking naked on social media and imagine I just emerged from the streets of Koinange…”

In a November 11, 2019 letter, the philanthropic Akothee Safaris CEO underscored why she harbors no ill feelings against Jared Okello.

“I have raised my children knowing their father is alive, loved, and respected even in his absence, but I used to gossip about him somewhere far from my kids before I healed. I have raised my children knowing that church is mandatory to go to every Saturday unless otherwise, I have raised my children knowing forgiveness is divine.

“I have never allowed the bitterness of single motherhood overwhelm me when bills hit me left and right, I have always stayed sober & calm knowing very well, my children are not the cause of my suffering, neither is their father, if the relationship didn’t work between us, it dint work for him too.”

That Akothee First Husband

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