New Classes Of Driving License In Kenya

Classes Of Driving Licence

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) of Kenya introduced new classes of driving licenses in 2020. The new classes Of driving licenses are more specific and allow for greater flexibility in terms of the types of vehicles that a driver can operate. They also have stricter requirements in terms of age and experience. This … Read more

How To Upgrade Your Driving License To Additional Classes Endorsement In Kenya

Upgrade Your Driving License To Additional Classes

In Kenya, you can upgrade your driving license to additional classes endorsement if you want to drive different types of vehicles. This article will walk you through the steps involved in upgrading your license, including the requirements and fees. We will also discuss the different classes of vehicle endorsement and the additional requirements for each … Read more

How to Pass the NTSA Vehicle Inspection Process in Kenya

How to Pass Vehicle Inspection Process in Kenya

NTSA vehicle inspection is required by law in Kenya. it’s also a prerequisite for comprehensive insurance coverage. A vehicle might’ve been in an accident, and the carrier needs to assess the damage, or it might’ve almost totaled and the insurer needs to take the call on whether it needs to be salvaged. Vehicle inspection is also required before leasing … Read more