Meet Raphael Tuju’s Ex-Wife Who Left Him For Another Man

Raphael Tuju’s Ex-Wife – Ruth Akinyi, the estranged wife of former Rarieda MP and Foreign Affairs minister Raphael Tuju, now sells food in a humble eatery along Mombasa Road two years after her acrimonious separation from her dashing and wealthy husband.

She gets to work at 10am where she prepares chapati, matumbo, fish, liver, beef stew, and rice using charcoal Jikos before selling the delicacies to hungry office workers along Mombasa Road in Nairobi.

When Kenya Poa staff visited her restaurant for lunch, we noticed that Raphael Tuju’s Ex-Wife, who declined to be interviewed, has an employee stationed at the entrance to woo potential clients because the establishment has several competing restaurants nearby.

Her meals, which are fresh and tasty, cost between Sh250 to Sh450 but office workers love it because the food is served generously.

In a quirky twist of fate, Mr. Tuju, who made his cash from the media and has invested heavily in real estate, also established the posh Dari Restaurant in Karen after his separation from Ms. Akinyi.


In sharp contrast with her husband’s restaurant which has manicured gardens, engraved cutlery, and printed napkins, Akinyi’s restaurant has no soft cushioned seats but plastic chairs. Her customers share seating space with clients from other restaurants. There are no chefs with glistening white coats.

The cheapest food at Dari costs about Sh1,100. But while Akinyi’s matumbo costs only Sh250, the serving is mouthwatering and in generous portions to feed two adult men and more.

Raphael Tuju’s Ex-Wife, however, refused to speak to a reporter from Kenya Poa about her new venture and life after Tuju.

But her current world is definitely far removed from what she knew for the better of her married life and her lover Tom Ogunda was eliminated mysteriously in Nairobi.

Tony Ogunda Died After sleeping with Raphael Tuju’s Ex-Wife

Raphael Tuju married Ruth Akinyi in November 1983 but they divorced in 2013. Before the divorce, Ruth Akinyi was found sleeping multiple times with Tuju’s bodyguard Tony Ogunda. The officer was found dead in his house in Upper Hill, days after appearing in court. The cause of his death is not known until today.

Tony Ogunda had been warned severally to leave Tuju’s wife alone but he never cared to listen. On a fateful morning, he didn’t report to work and when neighbors didn’t see him open the door, they broke into his rented room and found Tony dead.

Raphael Tuju Divorce

Mr. Tom Ogunda was also adamant before he was killed that he was a guest of Tuju’s wife. He stated, “It was not trespassing because I was invited, that is not trespass – I was invited by Mrs. Tuju,”  A divorce case filed by Tuju was finalized in 2013 against his wife whom he accused of cheating in court.

In a sworn affidavit, he had said that he can no longer live with his wife Ruth Akinyi Wanjare, for openly cheating on him with the former GSU officer.

Tuju and Ruth got married on November 15, 1986, and have three children. In his petition, Tuju had claimed that Ruth had gone as far as bringing Tony to his home in Karen and at one point rented him an apartment in Ngong.

Raphael Tuju Kids

The children are very close to the father. They allegedly claim that their mother is mentally ill and deserves to be treated. Raphael’s house is one of a kind and one of the most lavish houses ever. It has the comforts of the wealthy including a pool and a waterfall outside the house.

It is located in the suburbs of Karen Estate, where Tuju conducts most of his interviews and political meetings with various leaders. The mansion is more of a castle.

This can be attributed to the great and powerful positions he has held in the government. He has also worked a lot over the years.

His political standings and opinions have landed him on the wrong side of critics. Although he remains one of the most respected people and is also important in the Jubilee political party.

Tuju is a very learned person and has a master’s degree in Mass Communications. The politician got it from the University of Leicester.

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