Mejja Biography, family, wife Parents, Tribe, and Net Worth 2023

‘Mejja’ or ‘Okwonkwo’ real name is Major Nameye Khadija was conceived on 23rd March in Majengo ghettos in Nyeri District, Kenya. He is yet to make his introduction to the world year and age open.

Mejja Age

The star, born Major Nameye Khadija on March 23, 1986, is not just a big name in the Kenyan music scene but has developed into an international superstar having graced stages with his presence all the way from Mombasa to Dubai and the United States.

But how exactly has his work in the music industry impacted his personal life as an artist? 

Over the years, Mejja has been able to convince more than 875, 000 fans to follow him on Instagram, a high number considering how cautious people are these days about who they follow on social media.

Mejja Wife (former)

Mejia’s 5-year wedding was all that he at any point needed until his then-spouse dumped him through an instant message. He completely didn’t see this coming since before that, everything was fine.

Mejja immediately injured into the gloom that saw his life and vocation endure a tremendous arrangement.

He even mulled over death during this time. His significant take-out from the marriage was his little girl whom he wants to die.

Mejja Current Girlfriend

Scarcely after his significant other dumped him, he discovered a new love. He posted his magnificence on his Instagram account in August 2019.

The post was trailed by a long gooey inscription where he got the chance to call her his Ghetto sovereign. His new love is Jeff Kimanzi’s ex and together they have a child. Mtoto wa Khadija has a girl from his past relationship.

Mejja Hit songs

One of Mejja’s breakthrough songs was ‘Jana kuliendaje’ which he released in 2008. The song even won him an award at Kenya’s Chaguo la teeniz. He recently released a song known as ‘Utawezana’ featuring Femi One.

The song got so much traction online, especially after Azziad Nasenya, a Kenyan TikTok beauty made a video of her jamming to the song. The song got shared all over social media and Azziad ended up trending on all online platforms in Kenya.


Some of his other hit songs include Nyongwa, Dabo tap, Niko poa, Twenzetu ft Madtraxx, Furahia ft Linda, Quality ka hizo ft Asante, Round hii si mchezo, over my x, Landlord and Mezesha ft. Madtraxx.

These are fans that have helped him attract endorsement deals, and also boost his rate card as a star within the entertainment industry. But how much exactly is Mejja’s net worth?

Mejja’s net worth

From his work as an artist, coupled with endorsement deals and live appearances, Mejja has managed to make huge sums of money which, he says, help him move from day to day.

The artist is on record saying that inasmuch as fame comes with many expectations, i.e a raise in a celebrity’s class, he has never seen the need to leave behind the life he has always enjoyed growing up.

He stated that he is content with what he has and is not going to succumb to eternal pressure to change his lifestyle.

Mejja is currently the ninth richest celebrity in Kenya with a total net worth of between $0 and $2.3 million dollars.

Despite the fact that the star has never come out to declare exactly how much he is worth, there is no doubt that he has over the years excelled in his trade and made a good amount of money in the course of his career.

There is also no doubt that mejja sits among the top three musicians in Kenya in the last 3 years in relation to ranking of the most listened to artists in Kenya.

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