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Njoki Murira’s real name is Maureen Njoki Murira (born on 24 December 2000) is a Kenyan content creator, Tiktoker, and Youtuber from Kenya.

She lives in a village in Thika and comes from a family of five and she is the last born. She has three sisters and one brother.

Njoki also mentions due to her poor background, she was unable to continue with her education. She also says she comes from a single-parental family

Njoki Murira tribe

Njoki Murirah is a mix of a Kikuyu, the Kamba tribe, and one of her kind. She has an ideal rubenesque physique.

Njoki Murirah comes from Magumu, Kamwangi, Central region of Kenya. With her signature short hair sometimes with dye, her photos are all over the interwebs.

The curvaceous woman knows how to dress her incredible body and many are left going gaga just by looking at her. The short pink dress accentuates her curves wonderfully.

She has conglomerated her mom into his short skits.

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Njoki Murira Sister – Yvonne Murira

Njoki Murira usually dances with her sister Yvonne Murira (@yvonnemurira). Yvonne Murira has been very influential in Njoki Murira’s career, when starting out, she used to be the one behind the camera mostly. Recently, Yvonne Murira started appearing in Njoki Murira’s videos on Tiktok.

She is also on the rise, you can follow her on Instagram @yvonnemurira and on Tiktok as @yvonnemurira2 where she is almost reaching a million followers

Njoki Murira Tiktok

In less than a week, Njoki Murira was able to garner over a million views; thanks to her big booty. The lady has since gone viral on TikTok with many noting that they loved her good looks and confidence.

After realizing how much of a big deal she’s becoming, the social media sensation had to spice things up. She has conglomerated her mom into his short skits. In a viral video, her mum is seen twerking in a yellow dera. 

It’s no doubt that Murira is a chip off the old block. Additionally, it’s in black and blue that her big derriere was from her mum.

She’s always shaking what her mother gave her. Let’s not forget her sister. She’s also a hottie with a similar derriere.

Njoki Murira Tiktok username or handle is @njoki_murira00, on December 2022 she celebrated reaching 1 million followers. Two months later In February 2023, she celebrated another milestone of 2 million followers. Her videos are going viral globally.

How Njoki Murirah got her big derrier

In one of her videos, miss Murirah says,  it is uncommon happening in a majority of the people from one of her tribes.

Jokingly, she admits she feels blessed to have a pair of big behinds, which are natural and not cosmetically modified via surgery procedures.

There are several Kenyan Celebrities who have publicly revealed they had to undergo cosmetic procedures just to have that killer shape and body for your aesthetics.

World-known celebs like The Kardashians, have always been proud of their newly cosmetically-acquired figures.

In Kenya, Vera Sidika, Huddah Monroe, and Tanasha Donna are among the few who’ve embraced alternative methods to get that sex appeal, an important ingredient for entertainers.

Njoki Murira Ambassadorial Deals

On the positive, Njoki Murira has been able to secure ambassadorial deals due to her massive following. She’s not your regular ‘kienyeji’ lady. She’s using what her mama gave her to make money.

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