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Andrew Kibe is a Media personality who rose to fame in the NRG breakfast show with his co-host Kamene Goro. He was basically a man of controversy basically siding with the “Boychild” in the morning shows.

One thing that still stands unique for the media personality is that he has been speaking unsparingly with savage comments on air.

However, they have moved to Radio Africa’s Kiss 100 Breakfast with the stars show. Kibe and Kamene were taking the Kiss 100 breakfast show to a new level until he left the station citing irreconcilable differences with his employer.

Kibe Career

Andrew went to high school with Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jr. and was in the same gang. This was Nairobi Millimani School, which was difficult to distinguish from Nairobi School at the time. Andrew’s group was known for being very fashionable, and they would dress in cool clothes that looked like school uniforms.

We don’t know what Andrew Kibe did after high school, but he has an interesting job. Many people were surprised to learn that Kibe was once a pastor and close friend of celebrity pastor Robert Burale.

The moderately aged guy is a free-thinker critter from another universe. Rubbish a talking man who has for a considerable length of time utilized talking about sex and reviling in his video blogs.

Furthermore, for that, he has earned countless faithful followers and intractable pundits who consider him to be a spoilt man enthused about fraying the ethical texture of the general public.

Kibe is a blogger who talks about a confounding cluster of social issues utilizing the foulest of dialects. An immense level of his recordings contains x-appraised language.

Men consider him to be an inexhaustible protector of the kid youngster. The vlogger is unsparing in his analysis of ladies and pulling in the annoyance of women’s activists who consider him to be enemies of ladies.

To his faultfinders, and they are many, he has one message: “Get a life!”

Kibe Age

How old is Andrew Kibe? Andrew is 46 years old as of 2022. However, his precise date of birth is not available in the public domain. We will update you as soon as it’s available.

Andrew Kibe’S Family

Andrew Kibe has made it absolutely clear that he never cried after his sister died in 2012. Unfortunately, he had a strained relationship with her prior to his death, and the circumstances rendered him emotionless toward her.

Kibe’s family squabbles are to blame for all of this. According to him, people should be allowed to grieve as they wish without succumbing to the peer pressure of others who are mourning.

Andrew Kibe sister

Andrew Kibe has categorically stated that he never shed a tear after his sister passed on in 2012. Unfortunately, he was on bad terms with her before he died, and the situation made him emotionless toward her.

All this hails from family squabbles that Kibe has been having. According to him, people ought to be allowed to grieve as they desire and not fall under the peer pressure of others that are mourning.

Andrew Kibe wife

Many people always wonder if the controversial media personality is married, considering his many outbursts against women and his vulgar language when expressing his ideas.

To many, he is the perfect depiction of all that it is not being married. As you would expect, Kibe’s relationship status is complicated as he states he is only married on paper and has been single for the longest time ever.

Fans, having watched his numerous videos and knowing his personality would not be fast to trust the statement.

Andrew Kibe Son

Controversial Kiss FM presenter Andrew Kibe claims that he has not seen his own son for seven years now.

He revealed this during the Kiss 100 breakfast show when he was asked who he was throwing under the bus that morning.

His baby mama distanced him from their son after she learned that Kibe had moved on after their divorce.


He quoted “We raised a very strong offspring until five years old when I was given the chance to see him. I later married another lady and my kid’s mother cut me off. Since then, I have never seen my child for 7-12 years.” 

Andrew Kibe Pastor

What most people do not know is that Kibe was once a pastor. There was a picture making rounds, showing him praying and serving the Lord in the pulpit.

He says that he wanted to be the greatest pastor that ever lived but he was too outspoken. After his working trip to India, he decides to be ‘real’, something that led him to quit being a pastor.

He returned to Kenya and in 2016, he started a Facebook video column on Facebook where he ejected his sentiments, mostly on women, sex and alcohol.

He has since grown his fandom to a big number that follows him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Andrew Kibe’s Career in Kiss 100

Kibe has recently moved from the NRG breakfast with co-host Kamene Goro to the Kiss 100 breakfast with the stars show and is now a YouTuber under the brand Andrew Kibe Show. Rumour has it that the duo is doing a great job in steering the show. They are still young in the show and yet they have given it a great taste.

Andrew Kibe Youtube Live

Andrew Kibe’s Net Worth

Kibe has an estimated net worth of between Ksh 3 Million – Ksh 10 million. His income is mainly from his career as an internet star and journalist.

Andrew Kibe Number

Tweets AndrewKibe_KE


Kibe Phone Number is +254 712 915 936 

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