Top 7 Disadvantages of Living in Rongai- Nairobi

Many people always make fun of Rongai dwellers. Others have really praised it as the coolest place to live in Nairobi. On paper, it may look like a nice place.

However, I can assure you there is more than what meets the eye. This post seeks to inform you more about the place even as you think of moving to the area.

Here are some of the disadvantages of living in Rongai.

1) Outrageous rent

The rent in this place is very high. Though they vary from place to place within the area, they are generally among the highest in the country.

The spaces are a bit huge so some people opt to live with housemates. They pay for a house but sub-let to others so that they can all afford to find somewhere to live.

2) Water shortage

There are many places with water problems. Rongai is definitely one of these places. When you are planning to move over here, make sure you have a plan on how you are going to be getting water. Not so good news but that is the reality.

However, you may be lucky to get a place with an adequate water supply. But, you will have to fork over a lot of cash to secure such a place.

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3) Lots of fun

I do not mean fun for you, but fun for you. People will always make fun of those coming from Rongai.

Some will say that they need passports to access Nairobi, while some will call it diaspora. Truth be said, Rongai is the furthest place people commute to town.

This can only change if people start commuting from Nakuru to Nairobi daily, which we do not see happening any time soon.

4) Expensive commodities

Things are very expensive there. You ask for an apple and the price is almost like that of Meat. In fact, you will have to convince yourself that fruits are luxurious needs and you do not need them.

Having 1000 in Gikomba and Muthurwa markets is like having 10,000 in Rongai.

5) Expensive transport

Just imagine at times the fare to Rongai shoots up to 300 especially when it rains. This is the same fare someone uses from Nairobi to Nakuru when using 2NK Matatus.

When you move into the area, you must have sufficient cash just set aside for your fare. On average, you will spend close to ksh. 10,000 just to keep you moving to your destinations for a whole month.

6) Insecurity and mud

Some places in Rongai are very insecure. Residents get mugged each and every day. You also have to contend with a lot of mud in the area.

Some areas are just like potato farms. Living in such areas is very stressful, especially during rainy periods.

7) Traffic jam

If you are planning to live in Rongai and work in Nairobi CBD, be prepared to wake up at 4 am. The traffic along Langata Road is hell on earth, especially during weekdays.

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